Official Nintendo Magazine Gives Hyrule Warriors Loving Review

In November’s issue of Official Nintendo Magazine, staffer Kate Gray gave Koei Temco‘s Zelda / Dynasty Warriors mashup Hyrule Warriors one of its first Western reviews, scoring it an impressive 87 / 100. In her opinion, Koei Temco has breathed new life into what has otherwise become a stale franchise.

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DryBoneKoopa851378d ago

Can't wait to pick up my copy along with the Hardcover collectors guide!

jeowulf1378d ago

Are you going to get the scarf bundle?

DryBoneKoopa851378d ago

I wish, but I l live 6+ hours away from the New York city store. I'm just getting the collectors guide because the book looks awesome and I like reading all the extra lore and work that went into the game.

SteamPowered1378d ago

I would love to say I will wait for a price drop on Hyrule Warriors, but Nintendo games hold their value for a ridiculously long time. Oh well, just have to wait for the full-on Zelda Wii U.

italiangamer1378d ago

Yeah, I remember last month I saw Mario Kart DS (released NINE YEARS AGO) selling for 39.99 Euros (almost 40 dollars)...HOLY SHIT XD!!!

Loadedklip1377d ago

That is because those games just keep selling. Mario Kart 7 is always around the top 30 or so best sellers every month thus from a business standpoint ... there is no need to price drop them.

deafdani1378d ago

Nintendo games made by third parties tend to drop in price faster than first party, though. So, there's that.

GreenRanger1378d ago

Official magazines don't give bad scores to games that are exclusive to consoles owned by the people who fund them.

jeowulf1378d ago

True, but I thought the review was fairly well-balanced. She wasn't super gaga for the game, but still really enjoyed it.

WeAreLegion1378d ago

Yes, they do. I've seen it from Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox. They give bad scores to bad exclusives.

Official PlayStation Magazine gave Haze a 55.

Official Xbox Magazine gave Too Human a 65.

Official Nintendo Magazine gave Rabbids Land a 37.

To be fair, this publication gives high scores, all around.

randomass1711378d ago

We speak not of Haze... but in all seriousness not all publications come off as inherently bias even if they have a certain brand in their name.

WeAreLegion1378d ago

Agreed. The same with websites.

DarkHeroZX1377d ago

Well ign gave this game a 7 so there is that. Let's eat till all the reviews drop.

Nathan1701378d ago

That may be true,but this magazine in particular has become harsher the last few years.Giving 87 is a very good sign for this game

RAFFwaff1378d ago

im expecting an average of 7 or 8's for this game, which is fine by me, as its not a title every Nintendo fan will universally love. Remember, its not a new traditional Zelda game- dont go into it with unrealistic expectations!!

MSBAUSTX1377d ago

I have been saying 7.5 to 8.5 since it was announced. Remember that the worst score a Warriors game ever received was a 6. I have always thought that the LOZ content would be enough to bump that score up by at least 2 out of 10 due to the fact that people love LOZ. So if the game itself would suck without the LOZ content, then the LOZ content would make it worth while. I predict a solid 8 for this game on most websites.

Realplaya1377d ago

Nintendo doesn't fund this magazine though.

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recto851378d ago

I fucking love Lana design!!11one

-Foxtrot1377d ago

It's ONM they never give Nintendo games like Zelda and Mario low scores if they are big games for Nintendo.