Destiny Review Scores May Cost Bungie A $2.5 Million Bonus

"Destiny is not getting great review scores. In fact, it's getting resoundingly mediocre review scores—as of right now, Bungie's ambitious shooter has a 76.29% on GameRankings and a 77 on Metacritic.

That's certainly not the type of critical reception Activision was hoping for when they pumped half a billion (!) dollars into this game, and the mediocre reception may wind up costing Bungie a great deal of money, if their 2010 contract is still active. Turns out those review scores—those arbitrary attempts to quantify a game's subjective quality—might be worth $2.5 million."

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MysticStrummer1250d ago

If that was the case then I doubt Bungie would have announced right before launch that the early reviews wouldn't tell the whole story.

blitz06231250d ago

I figure this kind of deal exists between devs and publishers.

inf3cted11250d ago

Only 2.5 million? I don't think they care

Kingthrash3601250d ago

Yeah, from the looks of things im sure they have plenty left over from the 500 mil they say it took to make the game.....imo. its a great game but looks nothing like a 500 mil product

arkard1250d ago

Come on, its been reported numerous times that Destiny has a series has a 500 million dollar investment. Not just the first installment. The 500 million also includes advertising, which costs alot.

Kingthrash3601250d ago

Agreed.....but man they should have invested more in the actual game than in advertising. Imo at least. I love destiny and I can see what you mean and the fact that its a 10 year project. ..but still was I expecting more. All that advertising led many to expect more.

D-riders1250d ago

500 millon covers all the games made sony is taking on a large amount of the advertisement.

Pintheshadows1249d ago

The thing is though, it isn't more money Destiny needs. It is better decisions from Bungie. So much could have been fixed so easily at little cost.

I mean a coherent well told story, the ability to converse with all the NPC's at the tower (what a waste of talent like Fillion, Nighy, Dinklage. They had already paid a fee for them, why not make good use of them), an in game codex, text chat function, more imaginative boss fights and more mission variety.

A lot of that, if it had been handled correctly wouldn't cost much extra money.

There is a lot of content in Destiny, it is just that most of it feels the same. What Destiny misses is smart design decisions when it comes to creating a rich and rewarding universe.

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ceballos77mx1250d ago

Besides I doubt the imp didnt lend his voice for cheap.
Im enjoying the game and my favorite actor from game of thrones is doing voicework for it (not his best work)is a plus.

Eonjay1250d ago

What? This may be the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

Volkama1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

In what sense? In that such a thing shouldn't be part of the contract, or in that the story is silly?

I think review scores (particularly metacritic average) is a pretty common inclusion in publisher agreements, which is perhaps a little unfair when it comes to "weighted" big releases like this but actually makes sense for a more typical release. Critical reception of a game does have some value, and metacritic is the accepted way to measure that.

Eonjay1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

@Volkama not withstanding the fact that they can't read. Please read this and tell me why Kotaku is the scourge of gaming journalism:

"Activision shall pay to Licensor a quality bonus (the "Quality Bonus") in the amount of Two Million Five
Hundred Thousand Dollars ($2,500,000) should Destiny Game #1 achieve a rating of at least 90 as
determined by (or equivalent reputable services if is no longer in service) as of thirty (30) days following the commercial release of Destiny Game #1 on Xbox 360.

The foregoing Annual Development On-Time/On-Budget Bonus and Quality Bonus (collectively, the
"Development Bonuses"), if payable, shall not be deductible from Net Revenuers for purposes of
calculating Operating Income or recoupable from Licensor Royalties."

Edit: Never mind what I said about the article. I was the one who interpreted the title incorrectly. Bungie doesn't pay 2.5 million... they just forgo that particular bonus.

Volkama1250d ago

Sure. I don't think we are disagreeing here, I just don't know which aspect you are calling out as dumb :)

If some survey results cause me to lose out on my quarterly bonus, I'd say that those surveys cost me my bonus. It may not be money I ever had, but it was money I expected to get.

No comment on Kotaku, as I don't generally pay attention to the soap opera that goes on around some blog sites. I gather they are an unpopular one though!

FsterThnFTL1250d ago

That is peanuts compared to $500 million.

Walker1250d ago

Bungie deserves that. from Halo: combat evolved to Destiny is a huge epic fail in my opinion !

SlapHappyJesus1250d ago

Just making your rounds today, eh Walker?

DeadlyOreo1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )


Go play Halo: Combat Evolved again and see how much fun you have on it.

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