Sequels Wanted

A lot of times sequels get released to a fantastic original game and then before you know it the series is six games into the franchise. While there are many games that do get sequels there are still a bunch of great games that have not gotten a sequel. Allen of Gamer Assault Weekly gives us his top sequels he wants to see!

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FrostbiteGhost1489d ago

A Time Splitters sequel would be nice

silenius1489d ago

Lol at Dantes Inferno 2 from the article... What a fiasco of a game that was.

Am I the only one around here who wants condemned 3 and Vanquish 2 ? Come on... They deserve some love! :)

Or how about Alan Wake 2 and Limbo 2!!!

DarkOcelet1489d ago

Red Dead 3
Condemned 3
Dead Space 4
Parasite Eve 3
Chrono 3
Max Payne 4
Alice 3
Vagrant Story 2
Alan Wake 2
Vanquish 2
Dante,s Inferno 2
Bad Company 3
Thats the list i want right now .

Frinker1489d ago

If a destiny 2 does not release next year I quit gaming for good.

Alicornium1489d ago

Welp, sorry to see you leave then

SteamPowered1489d ago

Thats a pretty short turnaround for a sequel. One of any quality anyways.

bradfh1489d ago

"I quit gaming for good"
I will like to put money down on that.

SolidGear31489d ago

Bad Company 3 would be phenomenal :3

SteamPowered1489d ago

Im still foolishly hoping for another Punisher game. *Siiiigh

Rimgal1489d ago

I know the feeling. I still have faith on a Streets of Rage sequel.

mark3214uk1489d ago

rb6 vegas 3 or black arrow 2

geezy691489d ago

Well you had me at rb6 vegas 3.... :D

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