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kingxtreme811435d ago

11/18...really? Did the publisher not look at what other games will release that day? GTA V, Far Cry 4, Dragon Age, and LBP 3.

That's a terrible, terrible choice, IMO.

jrshankill1435d ago

Not really, WWE will still sell a bucket load on the day. People have already paid for the game with the Sting pre-order bonus / Hulk Hogan edition.

It obviously won't sell as well as GTA V but the hardcore WWE fans will still buy.

Tru_Blu1435d ago

Yep, WWE is one game that can go up against GTA and still do well. Them wrastlin fanatic's are a hardcore group.

Eonjay1435d ago

GTA will cannibalize everything.

theXtReMe11435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

Yep. That is going to be one pack day for titles.

Far Cry
Dragons Age
Little Big Planet
Project Cars

bleedsoe9mm1435d ago

everything should get out GTA's way december is nice and open

Eonjay1435d ago

Thats over $400 in releases on the same day.

TomahawkX1435d ago

I don't mind as long as the game turns out great.

Cra2yey31435d ago

I knew this would happen. Ign First did nothing for the game. It wasn't ready.

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