The Crew - Biggest Development Difficulties, Won't Feature Dynamic Weather, DLC Strategy Detailed

During a recent Q&A interview, The Crew's Creative Director, Julian Gerighty, answered a number of questions from Ubisoft's fans.

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Whirlwind_Fanfare_081374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Damn! i was hoping for a canada or mexico expansion pack, but that's cool.
It's good to know there is weather, but not dynamic.
Free content is a sweet bonus to, along with the season pass to get more from it.
I just hope everything else in this game like car physics, controls, graphics gets well polished before it's release. I hate racing games with bad controls! that's a deal breaker for me.

Edit: I forgot to add that the always online was a problem to, but just remembered it's a MMO, so only the bad controls will be the only deal breaker. :P

Deividas1373d ago

Played the closed Beta and the physics and driving mechanics felt okay...But just not as good as the Forza Horizon 2 Beta sadly. But good enough, from the little I played the game was pretty good though

dreamed1373d ago

Season passes are cancer imo,just like pre order bonus bullshit....everyone to there own though.

crazychris41241373d ago

I hope they add 1 more beta with all of the changes from feedback for the previous betas.