French Super Smash Bros. Wii U ad includes November 21 release date

Is Super Smash Bros. for Wii U coming to Europe on November 21? Apparently so! An official ad was spotted on French website Puissance Nintendo along with the aforementioned release date.

UPDATE: Nintendo France now says this date was a mistake.

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VenturaDres1549d ago

I wonder if all of these rumors will add up! If it's true, it looks like I'll be delaying my romp through Pokemon ORAS.

wonderfulmonkeyman1549d ago

I'm fairly certain that Nintendo is saving it for the holidays, so that it won't cannibalize the sales of Bayonetta 2.

eaise1549d ago

If this is the Europe release date hopefully NA will get it the 18th or 19th

Geekman1549d ago

This is the billionth time this has been leaked. Does anybody seriously still think it's coming out in 2015?