Avicii, Kasabian and more make FIFA 15's soundtrack

EA Sports has revealed the 41 songs that make up FIFA 15’s soundtrack, which includes exclusives and household names like Kasabian and Foster the People.

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mcarsehat1554d ago

Kasabian - YAY

Aviici - Ney!

_FantasmA_1554d ago

Kasabian - nay

Avicii - nay

mainstream music these days that only sticks to one genre - nay

Gohadouken1554d ago

what would be the point for them to go edgie and indie ?

It's an obvious path for football soundtracks to go pop and mainstream ... just like those clips before matches .

If you wanna snob mainstream stuff , you can even just use your own soundtracks , at least for sure on ps3/360 and pc