Destiny -- Here’s what happens when a noob and a multiplayer hater play Bungie’s online shooter

What if you’re not good at shooters or you don’t play well with others? Can you still enjoy the persistently multiplayer universe that Bungie has created? Two unlikely candidates from GamesBeat jump in (separately, of course) to find out.

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Gbits1551d ago

Nice to hear from some different perspectives on this one, as opposed to Destinyreview6934823472.

3-4-51551d ago

I've been playing 95% solo and having a great time.

I can only imagine how much more fun it would be with a group of people...especially ones you are actually real life friends with.

midnightambler1551d ago

I've found a lot of the missions really need more than one player to get the most out of them. The game feels a little flat played solo.

joydestroy1551d ago

the challenge on hard with other players is pretty awesome

ravens521551d ago

Exactly everyone who says it's boring or easy. Play it on hard!! It's pretty intense especially by yourself lol. I like it either way whether by myself or with a stranger it's a pretty fun game. Don't knock it before you try it.

Aceman181551d ago

I immediately started playing on hard once the game was ready it's more fun that way solo or co-op with friends/randoms.

Also some strange things were happening to me while playing solo I'm lvl25, and I was almost killed by lvl11-12 mobs lol. Don't let the low lvls fool you lol.

HanzoHattori1551d ago


I completely agree with you. I find it extremely satisfying when I defeat a swarm of enemies all on my own. I feel connected to my character. I feel as though I am fighting to turn the tide, to turn back the enemy by any and all means necessary. I'm reminded of a line from TLOU when ever I manage to survive such a battle; "To the edge of the Universe and back! Endure and survive."

urwifeminder1551d ago

Did not read did they get married in the end ? , I do love a good romance story I hear destiny has some great love scenes.

pompombrum1551d ago

Still a better love story than twilight

GothamReturns1551d ago

Playing a game thats meant to play with people, solo? Is boring as hell.

Clown_Syndr0me1551d ago

For someone who likes FPS games in general and loves multiplayer I found Destiny terribly boring.

Nevermind, cant like every game! Each to their own.