Famitsu review scores (9/16/14) - Bayonetta 2

This week's Famitsu reviews include high marks for Bayonetta 2 and Danganronpa: Another Episode.

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Geobros1551d ago

38/40 for Bayonetta. The game has to be awesome!

NovusTerminus1551d ago

While I am super hyped for Bayonetta 2, and have no doubt in my mind it's going to be fun, Famitsu is not exactly the best source for reviews.

TheWackyMan1551d ago

omg I know right, everyone should listen to IGN!!!!

weekev151551d ago

No idea why your getting disagrees, Famitsus reviews are historically generous, and there are reports that they are especially generous when the price is right.

TongkatAli1551d ago

Final Fantasy 13 39/40, puhuhuhuhuh.

ABizzel11551d ago


When people post comments like that, no one takes them seriously, because their childish banter adds absolutely nothing to the conversation.

Think on it.

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Neonridr1551d ago

Great scores for Bayonetta 2. Hopefully the Japanese support this game too.

bayonetta1551d ago

Bayonetta 40/40
Bayonetta 2 38/40
Still Awesome score

ritsuka6661551d ago

Smash Bros sell 1 million , Bayonetta 2 and Fatal Frame coming next week in japan.

Omgggggg omggg omggg I'm crazy of hype!!1Nintendo is on fire bitches!!

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