My PS4 Gave Me A Serious Scare

EGMR writes: "I was one of those cretins who purchased a PS4 console at launch, just like I did the PS3 console because I’m a Microsoft fanboy. Jokes aside I’ve largely loved my time with the black box of doom, especially that remote play, and recently I’ve been giving it a solid work out for the purpose of that Destiny review you’ve hopefully seen by now. If you haven’t, I’ll allow you a moment to drink until it stops hurting. I’m only teasing. Anyway, throughout the many, many hours I played Destiny there was a moment in which my PS4 decided to give me a massive technical scare, and truly woke me up to the fragility of happiness. That is, until I hopped online and found a fix. After all that rambling the purpose of this write-up is to inform you of the issue if you’re unaware of it and also provide you with the necessary fixes, so that you can proceed to enjoy life again if you’re an unfortunate victim."

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WeAreLegion1522d ago

Thanks for the info. It hasn't happened to me, but I'm glad there was a fix.

opoikl1522d ago

I've got my PS4 currently wrapped in a box waiting to be sent back to Sony tomorrow for this very reason. It's been happening since March (launch day console) and none of the known DIY fixes have worked long-term.
Now with the extended playtime it got with Destiny, the issue has returned once again so I decided to send it in now rather than risk having it happen during an important race in GT7 or something.

xer01522d ago

It has not happened to me either.

I'm fairly sure this issue is within the single digit percentage of all units sold - if not - less.

The Xbox has more problems.
Which you'll find reported on neo-gaf.

lonelyplayer1522d ago

"I tried the easiest solution first, which was to turn the PS4 completely off, remove the power cord and leave it for close to two hours. "

you don't need to wait 2 hours, just press the power button until it stops beeping

Gravity_DoGG1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Yes this is correct. There also was an article about this issue not more than 10 days ago.

And an article before that also

no_more_heroes1522d ago

Surprise, surprise, my ps4 arrived this morning! ETA was tomorrow or before, guess they went with before!

Mine gave me a scare as well. When I just started it up, the audio would crackle and the screen would blink every few seconds. Thought I had a faulty unit!

Everything seems fine since the update though, thank GOD.

Currently waiting on Destiny to install, though I REEEEEEEEEAAAAALLLLYYY wish Sony would allow you to change your username. Been wanting to do that since I had the ps3 (I don't have it atm).

PSN ID: keybladeKnight23

TheWatercooler1522d ago

Congrats on the PS4. You have the only next gen console worth bothering with.

Although maybe a wii U would be a good purchase in a year or two.

PCBOX1522d ago

The guy called me troll on previous news but he is one of the biggest troll ever seen.LoL!This site full of ignorant child PS4 fanboys better vanish around here,

StrawberryDiesel4201522d ago

I have both and have had more fun with TitanFall and Dead Rising 3 than anything on PS4. The best game on the system is a remaster of a PS3 game. Until February/early spring when The Order and Bloodborne drop, my PS4 won't be used much so stop going on like your opinion is a fact.

Eonjay1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Sony actually posted a video on their YouTube showing the fix.

jcmeadows1522d ago

Mine has done this a few times randomly. When it has done it the system was off. If a disk was inside it would beep, spit it out and then keep ejecting with no disk in it. So far every time it has happened unplugging it, hitting the power button to drank it while unplugged, and leaving it for about 10 mins corrects it. At least Sony has acknowledged the issue now. When this first happened to me I called them and they had not heard anything about it. When will console makers wake up and realise it is ok to recall systems with known issues and replace them? Rather than have the customer keep something that will break at some point.

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