How Bayonetta Stole Hyrule Warriors’ Thunder

Bayonetta 2, unlike Hyrule Warriors, has an online co-op mode. This mode could have turned Hyrule Warriors from a 20-hour to a 100-hour game.

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SteamPowered1218d ago

Hyrule Warriors didnt exactly set me on fire, but I wouldnt compare it directly to Bayonetta, multiplayer or not.

Cryptcuzz1218d ago

I've been on the fence for a Wii-U for the Nintendo games, but if any other game can push me over, it would be games like Bayonetta.

NiteX1218d ago

I love Nintendo games very much still. But, I'd be lying my ass off if I said Bayonetta 2 wasn't a huge reason I bought my Wii U.

SteamPowered1218d ago

Super Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong:TF, and MarioKart have me playing my Wii U fairly often. Once Fire Emblem or Zelda Wii U drop it will quickly become my main console.

Cryptcuzz1218d ago

Looking forward to getting a chance to play those games. One game you mentioned that I really want to play above all else is Fire Emblem.

Used to have a DS original back in the days until I lost it, along with Fire Emblem. A few months ago, bought a 3DS XL for Bravely Default (terrific game btw) and would love to get a Wii-U to see how Fire Emblem would be on it.

RAFFwaff1218d ago

Getting both, nothing to see here.....