An Appeal To Rockstar: Please Stop The Killing Of Prostitutes In GTA V

Since the launch of Grand Theft Auto V over 20 million hard working call girls servicing the Los Santos and Blaine County have been victims of senseless hate crimes.

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Septic1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

This should be an appeal to me instead of Rockstar, knowing how many prostitutes I have killed on GTA 5.

So what should Rockstar do in this scenario? Remove prositutes altogether in an adult rated open world game? Give them an invincibility buff? What are you on about?

"Although my appeal is of a satire nature, it should by no means be taking lightly. Millions of young girls usually from the age of 14 are forced into prostitution and ...."

Err I don't know whether to take this seriously. Shouldn't there be an appeal to stop killing period as opposed to specifically singling out prostitutes?

I mean how many of the following are killed or abused?

* Homeless people
* Old people
* Poor people

I think my advice to the author is, stop playing this game if you're going to nit-pick to this degree. It obviously isn't made for you and your heightened sensitivity.

alvinmiller921550d ago

Didn't rockstar say they were going to disable this feature, due to the level of complaints.

"If players have paid for a little mclovin then they should consider that money well spent with no money back guarantee."

Hell no! I want my mclovin and my money back damn it.

morganfell1549d ago

Do what you must and sleep well at night. As far as the killing of the prostitutes, just remember...they deserve it.

Do I really need to add /s?

They're video game characters. Get over it. If you have an issue with imaginary characters dying then you have bigger problems than those in a video game.

Sites such as are just one more example of idiots with a platform interfering with a gamer's hobby.

Shut up. Just shut up.

You do not speak for the gaming public. Like any so called game journalist you only speak for your bloated ego. If you do not like the killing then do not do it. Better yet, do not buy the game.

Just why are you killing them? Is your dog telling you to do it? Is he possessed by a 5,000 year old demon? Are you taking messages from Hotline Miami into GTA? You have some issues. Get help. It isn't GTA, its imbecile.

Regardless of your decision, shut your piehole and butt the hell out of our hobby...stop ruining our games with your "this isn't made specifically for me" attitude.

Phene1549d ago

@morganfell ...yeh I especially hate people who say fps's are violent. To anyone who's never played a competitive multiplayer game, it's no different than a game of basketball or football. You want to win. I never start a game thinking "I'm going to murder these soldiers and that's I want it to mean as I play." ...but again I a mature well balanced individual like millions of other players out there. You don't denounce an entire group for the few psycopaths that spring up and take this stuff literal.

Blacktric1549d ago

"Now some would quickly argue that this is just after all a game, but I disagree as there are some very serious psychological implications to consider. People who do this may also start to place such similar values on women who partake in this sort of illegal activities in real life."

If you are, in any shape or form, actually believe this, then you are also basically supporting the notion that videogames turn people into murderers or psychopaths... Which, as we all know, is bullshit.

Also; whoever wrote this article needs to reevaluate their priorities immediately.

Mr Pumblechook1549d ago

Another White Knight article by some fool trying to get cool point kudos by being politically correct and telling gamers what they should or should not be playing.

The GTA games are not about being politically correct, in fact they are deliberately not. It's like the film reviewers who criticise Tarantino films for having violence and using certain words. If you don't like it don't watch it!

I'm adult, in the real world I try and treat everyone with respect regardless of race or gender. But I won't be preached to about attitudes to women by a geek who has probably never had sniff of a woman since this side of being born.

badz1491549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

WOW! stop the killing of digital prostitutes but let the killing of digital of everything else be like "business as usual"!

the world we live in, ha?

slimeybrainboy1549d ago

They should make a pimp come after you.

guitarded771549d ago

Cap N Kill-A-Hoe reporting for duty. R* doesn't seem like the type to placate to the Plebs. Hell, they don't even feel the need to show up to E3 most often... so doing what some non-gamers want isn't something I see them doing.

LaviniaMadzivi1549d ago

As a woman and huge fan of Bully, Red Dead and GTA, allow me to leave you with this quote from Rockstar;

"People who blame art & entertainment for society's ills are always on the wrong side of history."

That's all that really needs to be said on this matter.

ZombieKiller1548d ago

What about driving the nice lady around? My friends tried to piss off the cops without throwing a punch, blowing anything up, or shooting anything. So they came to the conclusion that ramming cops was a good idea, once they told me to join, I decided to pick up a nice lady of the night to show her around. Is this ok? I think the author needs to play a different game. You can kill pretty much anyone, doesn't necessarily have to be a prostitute

Death1548d ago

bah. Just give all the prostitues in GTA a gun and all will be good.

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DevilOgreFish1549d ago

"Please Stop The Killing Of Prostitutes In GTA V."

......pffff, just walk out of the area, return, and they'll be back. it's not like it's real life or anything.

vanity291549d ago

Seriously lol Acting like it's a major deal when VIDEO GAME prostitutes get killed. it's not like we go out and kill them in real life lmaooo (Well some might and most people wouldn't even know they died... sad world)

Cryptcuzz1549d ago

The author must have fell in love with a real life prostitute to care enough for things like this in a video game.

There are more interesting and important things to be writing about in the industry (For example, ethics in video games journalism) and here we see someone writing about the killings of a fictional video game character that happens to re-spawn shortly after you leave said area!

ShadowKing-1549d ago

really, this article, thee game is rated M for muture, enough said. gg

wsoutlaw871549d ago

I agree that women need to be thought of and treated a little differently in many forms of culture and media but, gta isnt one of them. I dont think there is a single person who only kills prostitutes in gta. I kill everyone indiscriminately lol. Id kill any one in gta walking around with my money. Video games cant create a negitive culture that already exists and it is completely impossible for a game to turn someone into a psychopath.

MRMagoo1231549d ago

This is a satire article right???

Halo2ODST21549d ago

Dude, I haven't been on N4G for awhile, but I just noticed you're comment on my post, Honest > I'm not that Datin guy or what ever, This is my first N4G account, my Name is Ryan-lee Tovey, I play xbox, not a Troll either

C-H-E-F1549d ago

How about go to school and quit slanging your p**** so you don't get offended. I mean sheeeesh it's a freaking game on top of that a game prostitutes probably DON'T PLAY so why should something someone has no business doing in their regular life affect them in their personal life. Society has turned into a bunch of b*tch as b*tches.... MAN THE F**K UP

Tsar4ever011548d ago

Psst, so stupid.

All right I'll play in this, HEY WRITER, how bout THIS? Go write RockStar games and request them to code "Super Prostitutes",that could Dodge, or dive-roll incoming cars attacks, can carry weapons like tazers, pepper spray, handguns. They have QTE defensive moves when you try to blind side them from behind. They have spidy-like senses that activate when you draw a gun at them at any given distance, they'll either run or pull their own weapon and take you on. There you have it, prostitutes that can defend themselves, kick your ass and take you out if necessary if you try to kill them for their services.

Happy now? Jeez.

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brettjones4941550d ago

I won't lie I too have been guilty of such hate crimes towards the hard working night girls of Los Santos. Especially towards the horrid looking ones in Blaine County. I am trying to get help for my problem and promise to do better when I upgrade to the PS4 version.

Septic1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Don't make promises you can't keep.

After GTA 4, I promised myself I wouldn't kill a prostitute after she had completed her oral contract (teehee).

So when GTA 5 finally graced my console and I came across one of these lovely specimen, 30 seconds after the deed was done, I was left staring at the aftermath as the vehicle in which the prostitute, which I named Maria Helfutura, carried out her terms of employment. It all happened so fast. Now all I saw was a burning heap comprising of singed digital eyelashes, melted rubber and shame.

Hi my name is Septic and I have a problem.

Cryptcuzz1549d ago

Literally LOL when I read what you named your call girl.

No matter what one thought of Maria, it was fun having her around on N4G.

Frankskint1550d ago

I too am guilty as charged of doing such terrible things. My name is frank and I have a problem.

Cryptcuzz1549d ago

Everyone in the room mumbles... Nice to meet you Frank!

Hellsvacancy1549d ago

No one is safe in my GTA game, I treat/kill everyone the same

Phene1549d ago

Lol the way u phrased that was funny. It would've been good if u just wrote "no one is safe."

Cryptcuzz1549d ago

What do you expect from someone with that handle and avatar pic? Don't look him in the eye, don't mess with him....just...don't. RUN!

Hellsvacancy1549d ago

I'm as nice as they come, except weekends


jambola1549d ago

Rockstar doesn't kill prostitutes
players do.

anwe1548d ago

Exactly. I don't even use the prostitutes services. I simply pick them up, drive to a secluded spot and make them uncomfortable enough to want to leave, then off them.

jambola1548d ago

I did something like that once
she still had sex with me though, now that i think about it she probably didn't deserve it :'(.