Sony site accidently reveals Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, secret PS4 titles for Tokyo Game Show

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan’s Tokyo Game Show website has accidently leaked a number of unannounced exhibiting titles for this week’s Tokyo Game Show.

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Mikelarry1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

lol all this time( months/ weeks) keeping it secret to make such a silly " accidentally on purpose move" just days before the event damn, someone is getting fired

vishmarx1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

this . lol
i hate it when surprises are ruined like this

spoiler warning

UNCHARTED at exhibit in TGS wtf wtf wtf

holy fookin crap
sony stahp, my head will blow up

links not working now...(they were a while ago, i tested 2 myself)
confirmed real lol

MasterCornholio1552d ago

Uncharted at TGS?

Holy crap there were rumors that ND would show something soon but I wasn't expecting for it to be shown at TGS.


Eonjay1552d ago

Final Fantasy, Uncharted and Robot Dinosaurs! Its all too much! I, I need to calm down.

TimeSkipLuffy1552d ago

I guess Sony is only going to show the existing Uncharted trailer. That said, I hope I am proven wrong and we will see more *____*

Dark-vash1552d ago

Wasn't FF Type-0 already announced for the PS4? :|

monkeyDzoro1552d ago

It will be amazing to see something from UC4 at TGS... BUT !!!! Don't get excited too soon. It might just be the same trailer we saw at E3.
I hope it's something new tho. I HOPE !!! CAN YOU HEAR ME NAUGHTY GODS ?!!

Patrick_pk441552d ago

I hope Sony doesn't show the same trailer with a dubbed Japanese voice actor, like in their pre-show. This is pretty surprising, I hope its gameplay!!

Walker1552d ago

It will be E3 trailer in japanese language ..\ keep your expectations low .

Nathan1701552d ago

Usually they show UC footage at the VGX or VGA.
This time around they want to show the awesomeness of UC4 in a much better event.

Cryptcuzz1552d ago

Can't wait for Tokyo Games Show in a few short days from now. If this leaked list is what Sony would be displaying, with quite a few that are unannounced! -This show has me more excited than E3!

MrSec841551d ago

@ Cryptcuzz Sony are having a conference tomorrow, any new announcements will likely be made at that event.

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breakpad1552d ago

they didnt basically show smthing ..just unannounced games

Magicite1552d ago

Im not gonna read this..
Im not gonna read this..
Im not gonna read this..
Im not gonna read this..
Im not gonna read this...
Ah, damn! I cant...I must.

3-4-51552d ago

This is what happens in a Society where everybody wants to "be first!", instead of having some integrity.

Muzikguy1552d ago

Sony sure have a great poker face! I love how they don't space things out and have continuous releases all year long

LightDiego1551d ago

The three unannounced games are Shenmue 3, Legend of Dragoon and Crash Bandicoot.
I think it's reasonable.

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Iltapalanyymi1552d ago

literally i was JUST browsing the site.

Sokol1552d ago

Someone will get in trouble , on the other note. More ps4 rpgs is always welcome.

I would love see have a date release for ffxv already :)

RedDevils1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

I't been like 8 years was it? I gave up on it already. From the time it was announce I just start year 7 now I almost finish Uni lol by the time I have family I bet it not even come out yet

LazyGoron1552d ago

Surprised UC4 was on there... Sony mixes it up but for the most part the major Devs promote their games at their home show.

Wonder if it's new info? If what they've been telling us is true we're only like 12/14 months from that games release. Maybe a full in-game singleplayer trailer?

imXify1552d ago

I think it will most likely be the same trailer, but with japenese text or voice. I could be wrong tho'.

MrSec841551d ago

Nothing Sony or Naughty Dog have said has indicated 12-14months.
If anything Jim Ryan's comments at Gamescom made it sound like it was coming in early 2015, he did say all 1st party exclusives shown at the beginning of the conference were coming in 6 months, which would make Uncharted 4 a potential January/Feb 2015 release.

Gamer4life8881552d ago

wait wait wait Uncharted 4 at TGS ?! WTF?

Ninver1552d ago

That can't be. If it's true head will explode.

Inception1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Well, UC 1,2,3,GA got a decent sells in japan (like 100-200k). I also meet a lot of japanese players in UC 3 MP. So it's not surprising if sony wants to push PS4 sales this year by showing UC 4 in their conf. But i wonder if they will show new trailer.

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