Terminally Ill Man Flies by Playing Destiny on PS4; Teaches Us All What it Means to Be a Gamer

It all started on the official Bungie Forums. Just before the launch of the game Giuseppe Nelva from DualShockers came across the message of a gamer just like you. The only caveat is that Jebi, or "Jebitron" if you want to use his PSN handle, is terminally ill.

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spacedelete1130d ago

too bad the game is trash but if he enjoys the game thats all that matters. he should have got another game because Destiny isn't going to keep him busy for months as he expects.

Funantic11130d ago

He should have been playing The Last Of Us.

FriedGoat1130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

I swear there's some hidden agenda to all this Destiny trolling. Best PVP since halo 3 imo.

ArtificiallyYours1130d ago

Too bad people like you exist, spacedelete.

Mr Pumblechook1130d ago

Too much news is recycled from other websites (!) but Giuseppe this is a good change. Provided it all been checked out I wish the fella and his family well. His comment "see you starside" really got me in the gut. :(

Somnipotent1130d ago

To each their own spacedelete. Enough with the trolling, it's getting quite old now.

ScottyHoss1130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

Some people just have this hate towards destiny. I can name 25 games that I personally think are horrible but I don't troll every article about them, I just don't play them. The fact that you troll an article like this is sad..

SharnOfTheDEAD1129d ago

Oh my, how far we've come as gamers that started out with little pixel blips and blops to games like this and have people call them trash... Especially when that game is so sentimental to an individual that it's helping them through what could be the most horrible and painful time that one could experience. Smh

Laneljh1129d ago

Trash? How? Because you didn't like it? I look at the game for what it is, which is a great FPS with some awesome gameplay. Though the story is shallow, with a lot of gaps, but I have a feeling they are gonna enrich the story as the game grows.

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3-4-51130d ago

This is what happens when you play a game because you appreciate the fact your even allowed to play it.

Just having fun to have fun....for pure enjoyment, and not worrying about what it doesn't have.

People could learn a bit from this.

frostypants1130d ago

That's the great thing about gaming. Pretty much anyone can participate and interact, regardless of physical state (won't be long before games can be efficiently controlled w/ thought interfaces).

MRMagoo1231130d ago

It's gonna get a lot of people right in the digital feels.

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mogwaii1130d ago

Its not that bloody good! Is this a publicity stunt or what?!

WeAreLegion1130d ago

This guy is really enjoying it. Don't take that away from him.

Lwhit61130d ago

Don't mock him, or anyone else who enjoys it either, mogwaii.

Shadonic1130d ago

Not everyone in the worlds going to have the same opinion as you

VanguardOfCalamity1130d ago

I wish you the best of luck Guardian - fight the good fight

Godz Kastro1130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

Wow, that was very inspiring. Im going through a lot now and games have def got my mind off things. Game on friend!

nix1130d ago

Hang on friend. All the best.

Perjoss1130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

It was supposed to be a seriously depressing weekend for me for reasons id rather not discuss here. But playing Destiny for most of the weekend helped to no end in taking my mind off things and making me feel good in general, the soundtrack helped a lot, its incredible.

MRMagoo1231130d ago

OOOOOOO more hits to the digital feels.

nix1130d ago

What a beautiful and inspiring story.. The game might suck for some of you but for someone with terminal illness, it could be life changing. I expect no stupid comments on this thread, at least.

Live life. Be happy.

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