First Image Of Fast Racing Neo Emerges; Looks Absolutely Gorgeous

The wait for Fast Racing Neo has been well worth it. Shin'en has shared the very first image of their next Wii U game, Fast Racing Neo.

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Concertoine1376d ago

Very talented folks at Shin'en. I hope they have just as much fun on ps4 as they do wii u.

MSBAUSTX1376d ago

They really are geniuses when it comes to software for the Wii U. Nano Assault is a beautiful game and the textures are very smooth. Amazing it is less than 100 MB in size. They definitely know what they're doing. Jett Rocket is a good series too :-)

Venox20081376d ago

Dont forget art of balance :)

randomass1711376d ago

Holy cow! PS4 and Wii U owners are really lucky to have such a talented developer on hand! Everyone should keep an eye on these guys. :)

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1376d ago

they only developing ps4 game which is a port of Nano Assault Neo

Metallox1376d ago

Gorgeous doesn't do justice to the image. It looks tremendous in many ways. Can't wait for a trailer.

Septic1376d ago

Really? I mean it looks nice but tremendous? Not trying to rain on anyone's parade but I just don't see it from that screenshot.

Concertoine1376d ago

This is a downloadable title from a studio of like ten people for the Wii U. All that considered it looks pretty good.

Septic1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

Ah fair enough but then again No Man's Sky was being developed by 4 people at one point (iirc) and that was what I would describe as truly being gorgeous (although it was being developed for PS4/PC so there's that). Still, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I don't mean to be dismissive btw. I just don't get the reaction to the screenshot that is all. Maybe I'm missing the point.

Concertoine1376d ago

I have no doubt it'll look better in motion. I believe they said it runs at 60 frames.

And yeah No Man's Sky looks great too, these devs only recently started developing outside of Nintendo hardware so i'm eager to see how good they can make PS4 games look,

Ck1x1376d ago

I think where it stands to be pointed out is that Shinen are a proven developer and the guys making No Man's Sky aren't. The game sounds amazing on paper, but can it deliver? Also No Man's Sky doesn't look out of place as a download able PS4 title, but this screen shot of Fast Racing Neo puts other eShop titles to shame on the WiiU. Hell it looks better than many 3rd AAA titles on WiiU for that matter!

Nevers0ft1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

It's not so much the screenshot (which is pretty but bland) but the fact that it's Shin'en... They're a VERY well respected indie developer on Nintendo platforms. It's the anticipation of what these devs have up their sleeves that's getting people excited.

Locknuts1376d ago

Well being a Shin'en racing game it will have to run at 60fps so that looks pretty impressive to me.

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R00bot1376d ago

Dayum son, can't wait to see actual racing screenshots. Hopefully they'll have other settings as well, like a futuristic city, a beach, etc. That'd be cool.
The wait seems like it's been worth it.

MSBAUSTX1376d ago

A futuristic city map, a completely destroyed or abandoned city map and something involving a huge space station are what I want to see. This game definitely has my attention right now. I am eagerly waiting for some gameplay footage.

Realplaya1376d ago

They go hard when it comes to good looking games. If the rest of the game looks like this then I might buy it twice.

herbs1376d ago

Excited to see how it looks in motion.

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The story is too old to be commented.