Three Things To Make Destiny Better

Mikael Von Stroot of Fully 'Avin It writes: To steal that quote from The Dark Knight; “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” Bungie, Activision are finding out that those words by Harvey Dent are very true as it seems that the popular thing to do on the internet at the moment is to bend Destiny over and give it a repeated kicking up the backside. Destiny certainly has it’s issues and that is something that I do want to address in this article but let’s not forget that it’s still a bloody good, fun game, especially when you are playing with some friends.

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TimeSkipLuffy1376d ago

I would say a massive update to the world (more NPCs, bigger exploration maps, locations, more story) and a bunch of free DLC...

ScorpiusX1376d ago

Make the tower social concept more appealing and maybe add a dialog wheel of things to say . Jm2c

joeydale131376d ago

Always find it weird how you can't just jump to your friends in the Tower, you have to be in a fireteam with them.

ABizzel11376d ago

In the current game:

1. More NPCs and characters to make the worlds fell alive (not just enemies).

2. Story based missions, they don't need cutscenes, because it's too late for that, but have missions with a purpose, besides killing the enemy.

3. A patch that rescale things (most will have to be through DLC, hopefully free DLC). If you want to play solo scale enemy count in some parts and dial down the bullet sponge bosses. Provide more item drops and ammo drops from enemies (I should not be able to go through an entire mission and not get a single item drop). Allow players to be able to take on more than 1 mission at once, so you don't have to go back and forth traveling areas over and over again.

Extra Option: Not going to happen, but would be wise, allow cross platform play. PS4 <-> PS3, XBO <-> 360 players should be able to play with one another.

For Destiny 2

1. Make a good Story, with memorable characters, wow moments, and epic cutscenes. You want to sell the Star Wars / Mass Effect / Halo Universe feel then you have to hit that level of quality all around.

2. A 3 man fire team is stupid, increase the count to 4 - 8.

3. Make everything 10x better. Bigger worlds but full, better missions, better RPG elements, better weapons, it needs the Borderlands treatment here.

This could have been a potential 9+/10 game for me, but it's just not living up to it yet.

Jdoki1376d ago

There's lots of little tweaks, but if I was going for big changes...

- Every Race / Class gets a different starting area. It gets boring to do the same starting zones for every character (especially if they add more character slots later). Also as the article states, there needs to be some deviation of story / character responses depending on Race. The Awoken example given is a good one.

- The UI / HUD needs changing to show timers / cool-downs for consumables, and also allow us to Hot Key things like ammo packs to the digital pad. It is clunky and slow to have to go in to the Inventory and apply an ammo pack - I would happily give up the dancing emote to be able to hit that button to apply an Ammo Pack in battle.

- Agree with article... Grimoire cards need to be readable in and out of the game, and in general the story telling needs to be more integrated with the game, and not just a few cut-scenes. It would hugely improve the story. Perhaps build a zone in the Tower, like a Library where players have to go to read the Grimoire's collected

- Environment populations need to be tweaked to increase player interaction. I've been sat waiting for Public Events to start, and not seen another player in 20-30mins.

- Put a longer timer on Public Events, and broadcast the message wider to give players time to reach it.

- Optimise load times to reduce waiting, and add a shortcut back to the Tower in addition to going to Orbit. Going to orbit every time gets old, fast when 9 times out of 10 when I leave a planet it's to go back to the the Tower.

I don't agree that they should get rid of Dinklage / Ghost. They just need to give him more direction and a better script. The strange mix of straight-laced serious sci-fi coupled with occasional humorous lines, and the ridiculous dance emote are jarring in this game. The dancing is too silly, but they do need to lighten the tone a little overall.

ScorpiusX1376d ago

Everthing you mentioned spot on , but as for the Ghost they need to make him more capable of doing things. Like say if in a control board close doors , turn on defense systems find u alternative means to do things.
Also can we get some guns on the Sparrow.

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