Six Things Microsoft Could Have Bought For The Price Of Mojang

Console Monster writes: "Following weeks of speculation and rumours, Microsoft announced that they would be acquiring Minecraft developer Mojang for a whopping $2.5 billion (£1.5 billion).

In a statement that accompanied the announcement, the Xbox firm revealed that they were expecting to break-even on the acquisition as early as July 2015.

However, what else could Microsoft have purchased for the same price? Console Monster investigates."

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Hellsvacancy1226d ago

There I was thinking it was going to be a serious article, how wrong was I

user65409481225d ago

Thanks. I won't waste my time reading it then.

Hellsvacancy1225d ago

#2 231 million copies of Ride to Hell: Retribution

Yep, this article is FAR from serious

hazelamy1224d ago

or if they paid what ride to hell retribution is worth, about 12 billion copies. ^_^

sikandar2011224d ago

Sinceriously Don't ever share this type of article!!
I checked even after reading ur comment but really wasted my time.. -_-

3-4-51224d ago

* They could have bought the Clippers.

HugoDrax1224d ago

Bubble for you sir +, hilarious.

Gotcha51224d ago

Former Mircosoft CEO Steve Ballmer already own the LA Clippers.

Pogmathoin1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )


@Ausbo, below, the Cylons had a plan too, but that did not work out too well....

Gravity_DoGG1224d ago

#6. 2.5 instagrams? wth...

Death1224d ago

2.5 billion McDoubles to be passed out and ended hunger in the world.

For an hour.

Fatty1224d ago

I'll take 4 please! Gotta have energy to make it to dialysis today.

Fatty1223d ago

My wife called me "pleasantly plump" just before her bones mysteriously all shattered when I rolled over in bed. No clue how that could have happened. RIP in peace my chunky love.

Ausbo1224d ago

You know. We all say they could buy this or that and I am one of the people who wish they invested this in games, but Microsoft didnt make billions of dollars a year making stupid moves.
they know what they are doing. They have a plan.

LordMaim1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Microsoft Bob, Windows ME, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Zune, Surface, Kinect. Microsoft is not infallible. Not every product is a winner.

Death1224d ago

Windows 7 is a reworked Vista. I wasn't a huge fan of Vista, but without it we wouldn't have had W7. Windows 8 on my gaming rig is never going to happen. Windows 8 on Surface works very well. It's also used in Windows Phone and in the Xbox One. Microsoft is looking to create one experience across a broad range of products. Surface marketshare is very low, but it is marketshare Microsoft didn't have before the device launched. It has also cost Microsoft money even though the tablet generated a billion dollars in revenue last year. Not having a presence in the tablet market would hurt Windows 8 sales though. They are in a tough spot trying to retain relevance in a rapidly changing marketplace. With Apples surge in sales along with Android devices, Windows and traditional PC's are needed less.

Volkama1224d ago

@Death Windows 8 is fine on a gaming rig, assuming it is purely a gaming rig. You get some reasonable performance gains over 7, and the interface is adequate for launching games.

Windows 7 is far better if you need a proper desktop environment, but that's not really necessary for gaming.

Soc51224d ago

Like the Xbox one plan? Unless their plan was to lose market share I don't think it's going well. But seriously they could have invested more heavily into the Xbox ones design(eliminating these silly 30fps-60fps 1080p debates) and saved all the money they are spending now trying to make up for it. I'm one of the people that they would have had giving them money instead of sitting on the fence waiting, due to their plan. I've always seen them as a company that throws money at problems rather than focus on prevention.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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