Indie devs under pressure as Minecraft developer quits "for sanity"

MWEB GameZone writes: "When a developer like Notch says that he is withdrawing from public feedback, and specifically from toxic comment sections, then perhaps we need to all take a step back and consider the consequences of our actions in regards to video games."

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plut0nash1553d ago

Certainly made a pretty penny from that though. Sometimes it's better to let go imo.

AngelicIceDiamond1553d ago

Yeah but hes really one of the handful of developers who wants to make games that NOT only for money only. Hes the richest indie developer that's still humble.

He says whatever his next project is if it gets to big he'll stop developing for it. Not all about the money to him he wants control over his products in the future not feel the need to bow down to the likes of us.

He wants to make more games not be tied down by one his whole life.

plut0nash1553d ago

Pretty sure self-financing is the way to go for him imo. People might be getting carried away by the sale.

HanCilliers1553d ago

Exactly, his open letter really touched me. So sad about this

3-4-51552d ago

Let it Go Notch, if it was meant to be, Minecraft will find it's way back to you. :-)

Sillicur1553d ago

I wonder if he is being completely truthful. However, i can see how the pressure of being him can become too much.

Would not blame him if it was all about, or mostly about the $2.5 billion either.

plut0nash1553d ago

2.5bn is a fair amount to retire and find something that requires less effort to survive on :)

n4rc1553d ago

Its become the goal.. For most

Sell for huge money, or go public for insane money.. Why put up with all the stress and bs if the end goal of any job is to make money.. I'd take a couple billion any day of the week and retire lol

Sillicur1553d ago

Exactly, anyone would do what he did even if they had an offer from a company much worse than Micro$oft

ssjkiet1553d ago

If i made a project that my end goal was to fully put me in position to retire at a young & early age & never have to worry about nonsense of public stress again. I'd do it in a heartbeat & jsut disappear enjoying my riches.

hkgamer1553d ago

it does seem that he wants to create another game, but having to top a masterpiece will be impossible. maybe create something in secret and dont tell people he is on a project, maybe even release it under a pseudonym

Jdoki1553d ago

The great thing for him, is that he's now in a position where he can make exactly what he wants.

I agree, he could launch games under dummy names / company's so no one would know it was him - like authors who write under a pseudonym. He could finance a thousand failures and be happy!

His life just became one long Game Jam!

hkgamer1553d ago

its certainly hard to top minecraft so maybe he just needs to back off a bit, cool down spend some well earned money and then get back into an indie mindset where you create games you want to make without thinking about it being better than minecraft.

hope he does well.

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The story is too old to be commented.