Super Smash Bros. 3DS Sales Top 1 Million In Japan During First Two Days

Super Smash Bros. 3DS sales—both digital and physical—have surpassed one million units since the game launched in Japan two days ago, Nintendo announced.

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bouzebbal1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

madness! Nintendo is the absolute handheld king! I am not a SSB fan but Nintendo definitely deserve all credit.
Wii U version of this game will also sell big!

Magicite1372d ago

Ive never owned Nintendo console or handheld, but I must congratulate them with this achievement.

I think its pretty much granted that X1 wont outsell WiiU this year, thanks to Hyrule, SSB and Bayo2.

I think Nintendo should focus more on handhelds, thats where they shine the most.

Metallox1373d ago

And screw the home console edition.

I understand Nintendo wants big cash, but come on, you have a platform that needs to sells better.

Theyellowflash301373d ago

The Wii U version is going to sell huge this holiday season with Amiibo.

This was a great idea to sell this version early on, then get every one hyped for the main course this winter.

Its about making money, not having one platform "sell better" so screw the other one.

3DS and Wii U both need this game. Watch you'll see. The Wii U version is going to do big numbers. It will launch right before Black Friday.

Gravity_DoGG1372d ago

I really don't know I I'm going to buy a Wii U when SSB for Wii U launches or if I should wait for a redesign of the console?

tough decision, I really want Smash Bros. Wii U :(

Theyellowflash301372d ago

Just buy the Super Mario 3D World bundle this holiday. I doubt they are going to do a redesign anytime soon. Nintendo usually doesn't redesign their home consoles.

Or you can buy a Wii U from Nintendo refurbished for $200 if you're looking to save some cash. And these refurbished Wii U's are basically new. Nitnendo has very high standards for refurb products.

Nerdmaster1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

"redesign of the console"? When was the last time Nintendo redesigned a home console? Answer: never.

Neonridr1372d ago

@Nerdmaster - actually they redesigned the NES late in its life cycle to mimic the top loading feature of the SNES and to give the controller more rounded edges.

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RosweeSon1372d ago

3DS is bound to smaller but still no small game compared to the fully fledged home console version, I'm glad they've done the 3DS version first if it was ready besides it gives us a taster of the main event and besides did we really want both these epic games launching on the same day... Not really ;) as for leaving the home console market you better hope not most good home console ideas have come from nintendo over the years, you lose them you'll lose a Lot, innovation, fun, new ways to play. Nintendo are class through and through

3-4-51372d ago

Metallox...your just not smart.

* Wii U versions is going to sell like crazy, and be the better, definitive version.

Do you even pay attention to past history ?

R00bot1372d ago

That's great! I wonder how well it'll do in the West? Who cares, I just want to play it!!!

killerluffy1231372d ago

3DS domination incoming , this and Pokemon is going to kill all gaming system out there . Sign.....3DS is unstoppable

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