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"I mentioned earlier that the game’s persistent nature is a hindrance to certain expectations. These are more easily addressed in the narrative construct of the game, because as a persistent world, Destiny’s story can’t really reflect player impact. Moreover, the idea that at its core, the game’s storyline is too vague and lacking in finer detail, is a moot point because there’s a timeline for its lifespan that intends to flesh the game-universe out with new events and bigger story sequences that will eventually weave a very rich tapestry. These aren’t supposed to happen in 15-30 hours of gameplay from purchase, they’re supposed to happen over a two or three-year lifespan."

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DeadRabbits1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

I think we shall find the later the Review the better the score. Far too many Reviewers seem to have shot their load way to early.

A game like Destiny needs to be poked and prodded and every crevice explored.

g-nome1377d ago

I explored a crack or 2 last night.

XBLSkull1377d ago

I disagree. 8.8 is a bit too high. I am trading my copy in tomorrow. I have now finished every available mission, and realize at this point the only thing left to do is grind for gear, but since I've been doing that for a few weeks with Diablo, I have tapped destiny for all its value to me. Luckily with an early trade in and best buys gamer club unlocked promotion, I'll essentially be able to trade this game in for the next one for only $5.

They have essentially tricked a short attention span FPS crowd into wanting a Halo/CoD type game into buying a game that is really more MMO-esque.

UnwanteDreamz1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Cant people like the game without being gullible or tricked? Get over yourself. No one tricked me I like the game. Btw some gamers play both genres.

martinezjesus19931377d ago

Oh really?? So how were the raids?? Are they really as difficult as Bungie makes them sound??

HeWhoWalks1377d ago

Had Destiny been X1 exclusive, you'd be saying nothing of the sort. Spare the rest of us, please.

OT: I agree with you, DeadRabbits. The game needs more than just a few days of play. Lots to explore and much to get into.

MysticStrummer1377d ago

"They have essentially tricked a short attention span FPS crowd into wanting a Halo/CoD type game into buying a game that is really more MMO-esque."

Tricked? Are you serious???

The game has been talked about and previewed for a long time, and never was the impression given that Destiny was a Halo/Cod type game, beyond being an FPS. The short attention span FPS crowd that thought it was buying that type of game are simply morons.

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gamer_fantastic1377d ago


Well said bro. Bubs up!

3-4-51376d ago

The integrity shows.

The Game is fine, and all these 6/10 reviewers just outed themselves has having no integrity, morals,ethics or Patience.

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gamer_fantastic1377d ago

Nice review. Well deserved!