Fight Night Round 3 - PS3 Visuals Trailer

Experience the fight of your life as Fight Night heads to the PlayStation 3 and gets a complete graphical overhaul.

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SjaakHaas4380d ago

Doesnt look much better than the (8 months old) 360 version. The sweat looks better but the AA look like sh1te!

Arkham4380d ago (Edited 4380d ago )

I'll reserve judgement until I see it live or as a demo. I can't tell if that aliasing is due to the video feed or not. The details on this are great, but I don't like the apparent lack of anti-aliasing. Fanboys on both sides, please shut the hell up. Don't forget that this is a lower resolution video.

When I watch the fighters I'm still reminded of those novelty boxing hand-puppets. Hey! Maybe we'll have the Boxing Nun as an unlockable character! ;)

SjaakHaas4380d ago

no AA due to video feed can occur on horizontal lines, but not on vertical lines! Take a closer look at the arms of the lady in pink. its very obvious.

Arkham4380d ago

No, it can happen anywhere.

THWIP4380d ago

The arms aren't even ATTACHED to anything...they just float in mid-air!

And, as someone who's played well over 80 hours of FNR3 on the 360, I can say that the ONLY improvement they made, graphically, is the veins and sweat...which were both in the 360 version, but looked slightly different. The simple fact is, this IS NOT a showcase of the PS3's power...but rather an example of how, even with a year's extra dev time, you STILL can't make the 360 look inferior.

DJ4380d ago

and there was no aliasing whatsoever. So yeah, it might've the standard-res video feed. Nice improvement, even with the whole time-restraint thing.

Anerythristic264380d ago

Is a pre alpha build screenshot for Halo 3 that really looks better than all the PS3 games out at the moment. Just letting you know.

kingboy4380d ago (Edited 4380d ago )

"the next gen starts with the ps3" and wow those mountains on that halo 360 image sure looks good lol!

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