Destiny review - Dull side of the moon (Lazygamer)

Bungie’s Destiny is one of the more hyped and marketed games in recent history, joining the likes of Titanfall and Watch Dogs. It’s the first game the studio’s made since it created Halo; the game that redefined the shooter experience on consoles. Destiny was meant to change things, to redefine the genre anew. Unfortunately, like those games, it fails to live up to the hubbub its created.

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HairyKnees1547d ago

Sigh I really had high hopes for this game :( I guess I don't need that limited edition white Destiny PS4!

moonstormer1547d ago

yeah, there's a lot wrong with it, but it's still fun! shouldn't that be all that matters?

philm871547d ago

I looooove it. So much fun. Intense when you get hoards of enemies running at you. Loved the bit when you first meet the Vex which is where I've just got to, and Strikes are great fun. All the fun is multiplied by playing it with friends.
Anybody got a decent set of speakers? Crank them up, it sounds beautiful as well.