Gauntlet Preview | GameCloud Australia

Patrick Waring at GameCloud writes:

"In comparison to other Gauntlet games, this one will be quite short. The first act makes up one-third of the entire game, which only took me two hours to complete on the normal difficulty. Having said that, if the preview is anything to go by then it’ll be a solid contribution to the series. Its few foibles can be easily forgiven, since they’re not exactly game-breaking and seem almost insignificant compared to how much the game got right. The focus on gameplay over character management should make for some great multiplayer experiences; with the addition of online play, as well, it will make organising 4-player Gauntlet games much easier. It’ll be better too, because I love Gauntlet (this version included) and I love playing it with friends, but Gauntlet should be played for hours on end and people start to smell by that point."

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