No, You Cannot Party Demo Final Fantasy XIII (Only Watch!)

Kotaku reports: "On August 2nd and August 3rd, Square Enix is holding a "private party" with the utterly ridiculous name DKS3713 that will be limited to only 2,400 attendees, picked by raffle through the Japanese Square Enix Members website.. It will showcase Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts games. And just like we thought, Final Fantasy XIII will not be playable. Hit the jump for the full rundown of what will be there and what form it will be in. Bring on the disappointments!"

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Drekken3829d ago

Another day, another kotaku article that sheds something negative for PS3. These guys are so emo!

NO_PUDding3829d ago

Yes well, let's entertain them with beign pissed off fanboys for a while. Because MGS4 had just signified the end of me EVER worrying about the PS3's future.

I don't even like Final Fantasy games, but I can see Kotaku are upset, and that amkes me happy.

Dir_en_grey3829d ago

It's funny how he doesn't complain about Star Ocean and Infinite Undiscoveries being unplayable at the 360 RPG event, yet he tries to say anything negative he can when it's on a PS3, even making fun of the name??? DKS3713 is only ridiculous to him because it has no 360 games.

Plus the games that are gonna be at DKS3713 came out like last week at N4G anyway.

juuken3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

They never give up!
They shall always make the PS3 sound like a piece of sh*t!
In other words...this doesn't surprise me at all. I have seen things in there that's just horrifying.

BulletToothtony3828d ago

now that ps3 is reaching 14 mil they don't realize that they're just a joke to most people now..

It's ok thou, some day they'll wake up and realize how blind they had been for hating on a console for no reason at all

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ice_prophecy3829d ago

I'd be happy even if they showed new info, and game play elements.

Wildarmsjecht3829d ago

So..umm, this is similar to what SE has done before. Why so much emphasis on it now?
.......Ooooh Its Kotaku. K, no wonder.

TruthBTold3829d ago

so why the surprise now? Anyway I dont mind, its not like we can play it so I will be fine with waiting for the game to come out as I am sure it will wow us. The only thing is for some dumb reason I have my hopes up for a December 08 release worldwide...I know I know.

Wildarmsjecht3829d ago

its not dumb..I believe. :D

fenderputty3829d ago

I was hoping for some White Knight Chronicles in 08', but now I'm starting to think that won't come either.

Sony needs to start getting some RPG's out there. It's one of the reasons I bought my PS3. I'm sure it's one of the reasons a lot of you bought your PS3's.

beavis4play3829d ago

i'm wanting WKC this year too. i want FF13/vs. as well but it looks like it would take a miracle for those to show up before next year. if we don't get these rpgs this year; it would be easier to handle if next SotC was released this year?...naw, that's probably not gonna happen either. crap

fenderputty3829d ago

Both Sony and MS are trying different things. Sony is trying to get into the shooter market. They're doing fairly well. MS is trying to get into the RPG market. They're doing better than Sony so far.

MGS4 saw huge sales in Japan. The bundle also pushed consoles. Imagine what FFXIII is going to do over there. I think Sony's lack of attention to RPG's has led a less then excited Japanese market.

Sony needs to help get these things out ASAP.

NO_PUDding3829d ago

It's not SotC you maniac.

It's ICO3 or the Team ICO project. They don't just rehash their games, they actually create radically different games each time.

hay3829d ago

@4.4: Keeping it short: More RPGs!

TruthBTold3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

this one would be a good title to have this year as well but we have heard about it just as much as FFXIII. As many said Sony should work more on getting some RPG's out this year at least by Christmas since there are a lot of fans just waiting for that type of game. Crowding too many 3rd and FPS might actually start feeling too crowded and too much of the same style. The only different game coming out this year that is anticipated is LBP but no RPGS and specially no JRPG's. I hadn't thought aout that until now. I wouldnt mind pushing a shooter game for later if that would mean getting an RPG sooner. Here's to hoping many are wrong and SE does give us FFXIII this Christmas.

Im sorry guys, I totally forgot Fallout, duh, but still no JRPG's so far for this year. Maybe Fallout will be more than enough. Good thing I remembered. Now it doesnt seem as bad as I thought.

KillaManiac3828d ago

Well...theres Disgaea 3 and Valkrie Chronicles which are gunna be amazing, but they aren't JRPGs..more strategy type.

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Pornlord3829d ago

Yeah, it's simple, more Kotaku bashing PS3 in some way. It seems like it would be a good news story like "SE is allowing 2400 LUCKY fans to view the new material they have on FFXIII and Kingdom hearts." Instead of a, bring on the disappointments aritcle. This is good news despite the spin on it. Hopefully they will let us see some video after the exclusives at the party.

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