Cloud Gaming Could Make Consoles Obsolete

MegaJon28 writes "There have been a lot of talks about the cloud and what it will do for gaming. Microsoft keeps talking about using the cloud for things such as AI calculations to help offload processing needed from the console. One thing that Microsoft has been experimenting with is streaming, and playing, xbox games right in your browser without the need for a console."

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The_Infected1131d ago

Until a breakthrough in reducing latency happens then no.

jujubee881131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

The latency seems fine for those on PSNOW, so a little more improvement would be fine for most (except those who ONLY play twitch games and are snobs about it).

I'm wondering about bandwidth eating. I called customer service and they quote that an average game session takes up about 2-3GB an hour. Not bad for those w/out caps and a +5mbps online (in fact, it's no problem at all)!

However, in the US, the Net Neutrality bill may be trashed and ISP's are already saying they want to do stuff that is crappy for end users (slowing current speeds and making website hosts slower unless paid). All of this is likely a move by the ISP's to FORCE everyone to switch to their monthly mobile plans (which are way higher per bandwidth and less reliable).

Either way, if this conspiracy theory is inccorect I'd still imagine lowering bandwidth would still be good for those that do play PSNOW for a little while on their mobile connection in the toilet from school/work. Last thing people want to see is crazy overage fee's and be totally put off because cloud gaming uses so many more mbps then Netflix, Hulu, etc.

mixolydian_id1131d ago

Caps are probably going to be a thing of the past sooner or later

jrshankill1131d ago

First of all, no one in their right mind would pay the PSNow prices for game rentals.

donthate1131d ago

Latency is the killer in cloud gaming. Why?

Everything in a game is time sensitive, including the video stream. That means that there are two sources for latency:

a) your video stream arrives late (which means it gets garbled nor has encoding artifacts on screen)

b) your input is registered very slowly making it feel like a game with low frame rates

MS tried to solve some of this in a project they named Delorean, by frame predicting and computing ahead what was going to happen. Problem was, it increases the bandwidth needed.

So yeah, we are a far way from cloud gaming replacing anything. If anything, it will be more like Xbox Live Compute for the forseeable future.

Joe9131131d ago

Google Fiber is going to fix all that for once I am glad to be in Kansas.

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mixolydian_id1131d ago

Check out the "DeLorean" technique bro

chuckyj11131d ago

People are too scared for Consoles to require on-line all the time... So why would this quell their fears?

If the Internet is down your gaming is down...

jrshankill1131d ago

Yeah... if we leave our consoles online all the time, they will turn into a mass of human conquering robots and humanity will end.

Skynet... remember Skynet

Inception1131d ago

Yeah maybe in 2050-2100 when internet with 1 TBps are cheap like fart and people wearing hologram clothes banging their android waifu.

Until then, let me enjoy inserting blu-ray disc into my PS4 :3

jay21131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

Until Fibers everywhere, NO WAY. Oh yeah and let's not forget I can walk into a shop and save £15 on games on PSN right now, and also down time etc.

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The story is too old to be commented.