Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden is nearly 16GB

File size revealed and controller tidbit for the new Fatal Frame game.

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2pacalypsenow1377d ago

is this coming out in the states?

Inception1377d ago

Nintendo never bother to localize the 4th game, so cross your fingers.

Summons751377d ago

Probably not. 4 nor the Fatal Frame 2 remake never made it despite tons of begging and singed petition from fans. I have no idea why these bloggers bother when we probably won't get this but if we do day 1 for me.

Concertoine1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

No sense in not expressing our desire for the game. Nintendo's in a position to prove themselves to fans, and this is an opportunity.

Also this game has a much better chance than the last two. FF4 was too buggy and FF2 came way past the Wii's death in NA. Theres also a Hollywood movie in the works apparently.

MacDonagh1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

The Fatal Frame 2 remake was made and released in Europe and Australia. Makes a welcome change to things when America doesn't get a game.

I had to wait until 2009 for Chrono Trigger to get a release on the DS for PAL regions.

I'm sure you can take this bump. FF5 will probably come out in the west.

Agent_hitman1377d ago

This game looks very promising.. why?, because the protagonist looks so hot and gorgeous obviously. I won't lie.. Plus this is the IP that we used to love since the PS2 days.

ChickeyCantor1377d ago

The game looks promising because the protagonist is "hot"?
Are you a basement dweller?

recto851377d ago

It looks good enough but what's more important is gameplay and that's why this game will be really great.

jeeves861377d ago

There's actual porn on the internet, you know. And it's freely available to you if you so desire. Like actual women. And actual men. Basically what I'm saying is that when there's porn on the internet...

I lost my train of thought.


Neonridr1377d ago

Nintendo understands they need more games on the console, so I have to think that they are planning on localizing this. They would be crazy not to. This game fits perfectly with the Wii U and there are plenty of us Westerners who want to give this game a go.

Make it happen Nintendo!

superchiller1377d ago

In digital format, it will sell like dirt, thanks to the Wii U's pitiful amount of internal storage. Shame Nintendo cut so many corners on the Wii U console itself, just to accommodate the bulky, distracting gamepad gimmick. They really bungled the design badly, and it shows in the sagging sales and poor financial results.

iplay1up21377d ago

Since any external HD will work what is the issue? You can get a 2TB HD for $70 or a 500GB HD for like $40 so there should be no HD problem.

The gamepad fits my hands perfectly, and I have no problem with it being "distracting". Games like Zombi U, Nintendoland, Need for Speed, and Duex Ex make great use of the gamepad. I also like the fact that I can use my Wii Remots, pro-controller, and next month Gamecube controllers. My guess is you do not have a Wii U.

superchiller1377d ago

Problem is, history has proven time and again, if a feature isn't built into the console, but requires an additional purchase, that feature just isn't going to have a high adoption rate. Most families aren't going to bother buying an external HDD to support digital purchases, only a tiny portion of hardcore Nintendo fans will do that. Which means digital sales of games will be much poorer than they could have been, if the storage were there in the beginning. Since the Wii U is primarily aimed at casuals and families/children, the bulk if Wii U owners just aren't going to bother with an external HDD.

Of course I don't have a Wii U, it is one of the most feature-lacking, unappealing consoles in recent memory (although the original Wii is obviously a lot worse). Nintendo bet heavily on a gimmick once again, but unlike for the Wii (which died years ago, when the fad fizzled), this time it failed. Just because they're trying to differentiate themselves with awkward gimmicks, doesn't mean their products are really well-designed or appealing. For Wii U, if you don't buy into the gamepad gimmick, the product simply isn't worth it.

And judging by the poor sales, it's clear that the market feels the same way. Nintendo basically gutted the Wii U console to accommodate the high cost of the gamepad gimmick, so they only have themselves to blame.

Gemmol1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

@superchiller go look at nintendo sales report, and it will show you a big boost on people downloading games on wii u and on 3ds, despite any stuff that you bringing up, your complaining about something very small. Did you forget how much microsoft charge for a hard drive on the 360, for the 120gb, 250gb, those prices were crazy. Nintendo look out for us and not put us in the same position as those 360 owners and ps vita owners that have to use only a certain memory.....we can get cheap hard drive ranging from 30 to 70 dollars, depending where you looking for 500gb, 1tb, to 2tb and you want to complain, are you serious, man get out of here, Wii U is fine the way it is, I rather buy my own hard drive save me more in the long run, and by the way I got my 1 tb for 50 dollars on problems, run fast, loads everything perfect...

main point of my post, since I use to work in game sales way back I prefer the way it is now then it was before.....people back then were just getting use to buying memory, so being in a new generation 6 years later, they will have no problems finding memory for their system, if you believe people to not evolve then thats your opinion, but nintendo download sales in their sales report show that a lot of people are downloading games and its been improving every quarter despite the losses

marloc_x1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Wii U attach rate would suggest otherwise..

I would offer that the Large file sizes on the other consoles games would suggest that those oem drives are on the small side as

marloc_x1377d ago

Could not catch an edit. Pay close attention to a certain Ninty game's sales.

In ONE territory..

Certainly poor digital sales, Ha!

Dubaman1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

Most families aren't going to download huge files, more than likely overnight eating up electricity and bandwidth, when they could go to the shops and buy it or order it from online. We are both expressing pure conjecture of course and though i have a bias, mine sounds a little more....real.

32GB on a PS4 or XOne would be completely insufficient, i agree with you. However, i guarantee that most owners of the PS4 and/or XOne would agree their hard drives are taken up mostly by mandatory installs. You NEED a 500GB HDD when you buy a game on disc and have to install 40+ GB on it just to play the game you just bought on disc.

Virtual console and eShop? You could hold the entirety of the 3rd Generations library of games on 32GB without breaking a sweat. Or you buy a 250GB for £20 and plug it in the usb.
Which seems more family friendly?

"just to accommodate the bulky, distracting gamepad gimmick"
That's your opinion.

"You don't own one or live with one 24/7."
That's my opinion. What is fact however is that i adore the gamepad and everything it offers.

It's ok to criticise where criticisms are due. Stop hating for the sake of hating.

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