Microsoft’s video game acquisition history: The big ones

MMGN writes: The news that Microsoft purchased Minecraft developer Mojang for a lazy $2.5 billion should really come as no surprise. The game found a home on PC before going on to become one of the most played games on Xbox Live. There’s absolutely no denying the game’s popularity on Microsoft platforms.

Microsoft has a storied history of game developer acquisitions, and while some of those developers are a shadow of their former selves from pre-Microsoft buyout, they’ve mostly turned out to be promising additions.

Let’s take a look back at Microsoft’s key acquisitions over the past few years.

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Foehammer1547d ago

Good read

A lot of ppl don't realize that Bungie made 2 Halo games AFTER an amicable split from MS.

hello121547d ago

Microsoft bought the Gears franchise it was owned by Epic games originally. And Halo bought from Bungie and been made by 343 currently. Minecraft is the newest one.

Tombraider is just an exclusive deal not a buyout.

XiMasterChief1547d ago

Microsoft didn't buy Halo, they bought Bungie (before Independence Day). They kept Halo thought

ScorpiusX1547d ago

Halo was the bargain chip that won bungie their so called freedom to do another ten year game. Lol

annoyedgamer1547d ago

If only they had bought Bioware, we would still have them around today...

donthate1547d ago

Yeah, Bioware was a missed opportunity for MS. We still get games from Bioware though.

annoyedgamer1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

We get games from EA, Bioware no longer has creative control over the games they make, Mass Effect and Dragon Age prove that.

aerisbueller1547d ago

"Has Microsoft gotten the best out of Rare? That is very much up for debate. "

Nothing's up for debate. It's pretty much consensus that they completely neutered and ruined Rare in the most idiotic and shameful way possible.