GameInformer- Destiny Review: Flawed Structure, Engrossing Action

GameInformer- "Great expectations have followed Destiny since its announcement. As the latest brainchild from the Halo creators at Bungie, the game has garnered a level of anticipation only exceeded by the massive hype machine that declares its not-to-be-missed potential. Bungie’s new game is not as gigantic or revolutionary as that hype may have led some to believe. In fact, it has several features that feel like missteps or problems. But that doesn’t change the fact that the more I play it, the more I love it."

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3-4-51375d ago

Story is just not interesting, but the gameplay is really fun. At least I think so.

NewMonday1375d ago

agree, Bungie need to work on the narrative a lot more, like Vanquish the story was bad but the gameplay was perfect, that's the thing keeping Destiny from a score of 10 and making it an 8.

ABizzel11375d ago

It's more than that keeping it from a 10, but it's far from a 6 or lower.

joab7771375d ago

It's OK to like the is...b/c it's great. It's a 9 to me and only b/c I love mmo's and just wish there was and chat box, a few more customization options, and some side activities to do. Otherwise with those, it would b a 10, even without cutscenes...cuz i dont really cuz are about the story. It's my story and what I do w/ my friends in the world.

Good review. And i really think that this game is gonna b something special as time goes on. C''s an mmo but w/ some of the tightest, best gunplay ever made.

combatcash1375d ago

The people I know, that purchased the game are very happy. They are waiting for me to pick it up and I will in a couple of weeks. I played the beta and loved it. I honestly feel that many gamers were expecting something different, but this game bleeds quality. It may not be your type of game, which is fine but imo it doesn't deserve all of the low scores. Bungie has brought something new and exciting to consoles, its not a 10 but with time I'm sure it will get there.

RadioActiveTwinky1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

Oh oh... someone just broke the mould.

NewMonday1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

Gametrailers and CVG are other big outlets that also gave the game 8+

RadioActiveTwinky1375d ago

Oh I didn't know that. Thanks. I just found it funny. I gave up on the reviews. I've been enjoying the hell out the game.

ALLWRONG1375d ago

GT, GI, and CVG take money for ads.

Aceman181374d ago

Lol yea I've been enjoying the hell out of this game and for me it's a solid 8-9 game. I know Bungie will continue to improve upon it as we go along.

This game is far from broken as these 6s reviews would suggest.

DigitalRaptor1374d ago

Yeah... Most reviews incline above 7.5 with plenty above 8.

The only ones directing attention towards the small number of 6s are the fanboys.

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TGF_Zero1375d ago

Game of the year for me at the moment, Dark SOuls 2 a very close second.

joab7771375d ago

I agree. Dragon Age may beat it, but I love mmo's and this game is amazing. Like all mmos, i want more but it doesn't take away from the amazing core content we got at launch. Let's see where it is in 3 and 6 months. No mmo can be fully reviewed at launch.

user3672721375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

Of course Game informer gave it a high score and avoid listing a lot of the downfalls for a BIG release like this..they are owned by Gamestop and the last thing they want is to upset its investors with poor sales and legs for the game due to bad ratings. I am a subscriber for the longest and they literally gives out 8 and 9 on all big releases like candy. No surprise here. FYI, they also gave Titanfall a 9.25, which is IMO way too high for that game as well and way above the avg score. So this is not just me trying to downplay Destiny, as it pertains to many games as well.

Edit at is not a conspiracy but the truth is they are own by Gamestop. And if you are a Company that live and die by game sales, you would do anything in your power to not trash a hyped game like this and potentially affect sales when many of its customers also read their magazine looking to see if a game is worth buying or not? That is why I don't take reviews from Game informer or the best buy magazine seriously because you got to factor in the business side of the house.

gamerfan09091375d ago

Not everything is a conspiracy. I'm going to tell you like I tell the Sony trolls complaining about the low review scores. These reviewers simply have their own opinion. There's nothing more to it than that no matter how high or low a review score goes.

NewMonday1375d ago

and why is the majority of Reviews both from media and gamers positive?

poppinslops1375d ago

@NewMonday - They're not. Just look at Metacritic.

You say the same thing about 'the Order 1886' whenever people raise concerns regarding it's quality. Then you post a link (always the same) to support your claims, when you know just as much/little about the game as the people your 'correcting'...

Enough, I say!
If you have to lie, do it right...

avengers19781375d ago

Metacritc is a joke... Some reviews give it a 0 on one platform a 10 on the other platform, and there from the same people... Plus they don't even check to make sure all reviews are from people that played the game.

joab7771375d ago

The game is f#! $!#/ amazing. It just is. Not everything needs 30 minutes of cutscenes. This game is about ppl playing togther, gearing up and having a great time in an amzingly well crafted world w/ some of the best gunplay to date.

Aceman181374d ago

Word dude I love teaming up with friends and doing some of the crazy strike missions, nothing is better than seeing a well planned strike go totally to s**t because a quick death haha.

gamer_fantastic1375d ago

Oh look, another internet warrior with a stupid username is here to preach us. Lmaoo!
Preach brother!

Tedakin1375d ago

Destiny is a tough game to review. It does everything sooo right. Graphics, gameplay, sound, etc..... it just does one big thing wrong. Fun. And fun is the single most important part of a video game.

gamerfan09091375d ago

It does fun right and the gameplay and graphics are decent. But that story is absolutely awful and there's zero character development. If they simply marketed this as a mmo multiplayer only shooter then I'd give it an 9. And the multiplayer is not even earth shattering, also. After getting to play a lot of it on a buddies PS4 idk how to rate or think about this game. Right now, as is, the game is a low 7 out of 10 for me. If they add more content to the singleplayer and actually make it somewhat decent and make the missions less repetitive then I'll bump it up to a 8.5. Crazy how a company can come up with an iconic character and campaigns with Halo and just miss the mark on an even bigger chance to create a new lore with a new IP.

NewMonday1375d ago

Fun is the best part of the game, Story is the constant criticism.

Tedakin1375d ago

Yeah story too. Or lack thereof. I expected this massively deep universe and there's just nothing there.

Volkama1374d ago

Sound isn't done right imo. It is too quiet too often.

When there is sound it is good. The music fits well and adds to the atmosphere, but there is only music for the climatic battles. Most of the time there is barely a note or even ambient sound.

The alien weaponary shots crackle through the air as they travel and the surround sound positioning for those effects is spot on. But there is just so much silence, and "it's in space" doesn't excuse that.

Maybe they fired Marty McSoundGuy too soon.

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