Is Home Now Dress-less?

Dress used to be, from what we could tell, integrated into Home, giving users the option to design and purchase specfic clothing and such before kitting out their virtual avatar and allowing them to roam freely. Oddly, though, Dress now appears to have it's own game page on the Japanese PlayStation site, suggesting that it's now a stand-alone 'game' and not something incorporated into Home.

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MK_Red3834d ago

So will people be naked in Home?

Wildarmsjecht3834d ago

if you're there, I will follow you.

Pornlord3834d ago

I think they will have Dress in home. What are they even letting you dress anyway if not your home avatar? Maybe this program is attached to Home, though you have a dress shop outside.

nos4speed3834d ago

Im sure the 3 people who actually care what their cloths look like in home will be upset, hell as long as I can make a fort out of bravia tvs ill be happy.

nice_cuppa3834d ago

and just give a bunch of standard stuff to wear with home !