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From the Review: "RSV features all of the classic multiplayer modes and a great mix of old and new maps that will keep clans and lone wolves striving for medals well into the next year. The best addition in the game, though, is without a doubt the four-player co-op. You and three of your friends can now experience the entire single-player campaign together as one Rainbow Six squad. Note to game developers: Every first-person shooter should feature this mode from this day forward. The only way Ubisoft could improve this mode would be to include the story elements, which it inexplicably cut out.

Fans of Rainbow Six, and first-person shooters in general, should not miss this game. As a co-op experience and as a tactical shooter, Rainbow Six Vegas sets a new benchmark for the gaming industry."

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PS3n3604409d ago

Wow another 360 AAA title this is turning into an expensive month for shooter fans like me.

matt19914409d ago

when the first rb6 demo came out i downloaded it and it was a good single player demo then when the multi player demo came out i downloaded it and found out this game really is,t that good the multi player graphics are like ps1 well maybe because i haven't stop playing gears of war i don't no ill guess i just have to rent it to find out

sjappie4408d ago

maybe we're getting spoiled, but the multiplayer graphics make me not want to play it.