Watch Dogs DLC: T-bone a different type of hero

Ubisoft releases more information on what to expect from Bad Blood's new, old, hero - but is it enough?

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DallasTrout1226d ago

"Don't worry guys, he's much better than that last hero we had."

FullmetalRoyale1226d ago

If they don't find a way to have a more interesting protagonist, the future for this franchise could be T-boned...

I'll see myself out.

Timesplitter141226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

I hope Ubi just ditches Watch Dogs after this and abandon their original plan of turning it into a 3-part franchise with a movie and a TV series and a "WatchDogs: The Movie: The Game"

gamerfan09091226d ago

Watchdogs was a decent game, but the hacking mechanic got old very quickly. Idk what I was expecting to be honest, but when I saw that initial E3 reveal my jaw was on the floor. I just never got that same enjoyment from the game. I was never really fulfilled with the hacking mechanics, the gameplay was decent but nothing spectacular, the story was meh, and Aiden Peirce has zero personality and character development as a lead.

If they're going to make a sequel then I think they should up the stakes and have the protagonist go against the government or something a long those lines and make that character somewhat interesting.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081226d ago

Hmmmmm, i actually like T-bone more than aiden, i guess i'll play it over again after all. Just won't be no time soon though! got other games i'm interested in getting right now.

YourSavior1226d ago

Honestly the worst 60 bucks I've spent. I bought it off the PS store and have regretted it ever since. The trophies are really easy to get, so I'm just going to platinum it and never play it again. Especially with GTA V coming to PS4 in two months. Watch Dogs was a major disappointment.

Zizi1226d ago

To me, WATCH DOGS is never a disappointment. Oh come on, it is not that bad. The gameplay mechanics is pretty decent. Even, the gunplay is far better than GTA V -- though GTA V has more enjoyment in terms of gameplay and characters.

My only criticism to this game is that the Social Lubricant trophy is hellish... until it got patched last month.

BAD BLOOD is going to be released as a standalone DLC at the end of September. There is no reason to not play it if the reviews are good. :)

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