Wii U Is Dead? Not If Nintendo Buys Unity

Could Nintendo attract more developers with a game engine?

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CerealKiller1552d ago

Read the article and I still cannot comprehend how Nintendo and the Wii U would benefit from Nintendo buying the rights to a game engine.

EcoSos31552d ago

I don't get it either, but doesn't Nintendo make their own game engines anyway?

jhoward5851552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Nintendo are making their own game engines which is a smart move. Most engines are distinguishable no matter what game is rendered and I think Nintendo don't want that. That said, its appears to me Nintendo aren't interested in buying 3rd party game engine. It could be that the 3rd party game engine don't give them the full creative control they need to make their games.

CobraKai1552d ago

Yeah that was always nice about Nintendo. The last thing I wanna see is Metroid or Zelda running on Unreal Engine.

nunley331552d ago

Unity is popular with the indies on WiiU and 3ds and some 3rd parties right now. I don't see it either, buying capcom would serve them better.

jay21552d ago

I do see why, so many Unity games out there that could just come over or offer licenses like they said I see exactly where they're coming from, BUT they need to get with the times....... The WII U is basically a PS3/360 with half the others hardware in it. What Nintendo need to do is actually make hardware that are with the times, if possible above PS4/xbox one, get some decent games exclusive to it and return from this mistake that's sold less than current (PS4/xbone) consoles.

fatneal1552d ago

ps4 and xb1 arent much more powerful than wiiU. the difference isnt night and day its more like dawn and afternoon. also xb1 hasnt sold more than wiiU

ShinMaster1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

You mean the Wii U isn't that much more powerful than the PS3 and 360.

The difference between PS4/XB1 and Wii U is almost the same as the difference between PS4/XB1 and PS3/360 when looking at multiplatform cross-gen titles.

From a technical standpoint, Wii U is the not first of the 8th gen consoles, it's the last of the 7th gen consoles. So it's very much comparable to PS3 and 360, IMO.

Chrischi19881552d ago

Yeah, it has nothing to do with Wii U only getting Xbox 360 ports ;) *facepalm*

Nintendos first party look way better than Sony or MS first party on 7th gen, this should tell you enough. Look at AC4 for Wii U, it is closer to next gen than last gen, but believe what you want.

jay21552d ago

Of cause games are going to look better than ps3/360 because it has more powerful hw, it's gen 7.5 if anything.

fatneal1552d ago

@shinmast @Chrischi1988 @jay2


theres was hardly a graphical leap from last gen to this gen. between ps3/360/wiiU/ps4/xb1 theres hardly a difference period!....with that said theres an even smaller gap between wiiU and xb1/ps4 hence why they all are sub hd consoles...none of em are running 1080p 60 frames consistently so theres no difference from last gen idiots.

and its irrelevant anyway because a minor increase in power isnt helping the fact ps4 and xb1 have a shitty game library right...lets hope drive club lives up to the hype or ps4 might only be useful for nba2k15 until xmas 2015 lol

ShinMaster1552d ago

@ fatneal

You're looking at cross-gen titles.

I can play a game from 2004 in 1080p at 60fps, but that doesn't make it any more next-gen than PS4/XB1 games. And you're calling us idiots?

Chrischi19881550d ago

Fatneal, I will let this go, because it seems like I am talking to a child here. This is what is wrong with the whole gaming communities, that the little children dont even try to be nice or something, they instantly insult others, cannot take other opinions and cant have a normal conversation. And you are obviously one of these guys, who actually believe in the whole 1080p 60fps crap, like there is not much more to graphics like that. You do know, that the required ressources for increased resolution grows exponentially, dont you? But whatever, no sense in trying to talk to you or anybody like you.

fatneal1549d ago

@Chrischi1988 firs off im older than you so your whole child premise is null and void. secondly im sorry you took my worlds as me insulting you but this isnt a matter of opinion this is all fact. not once did i say 1080p 60 fps is all there is to graphics, i said the fact that ps4/xb1 are sub-hd consoles just like ps3/360 is very telling of how little the leap in power was/is from last gen to this gen. thats fact sir. thinking otherwise isnt a matter of differing opinions it just means yall are wrong.

ive been very vocal online and during water cooler talk about how the modern gamer annoys me with there obsession with resolution and a nintendo guy obviously and yes i understand nintendo hasnt released a powerful console since gamecube but that hasnt stopped me from enjoying their system of MS or sonys. ive never owned a MS console but ive owned/own every sony console except vita...i dont see the difference...i even game on my mac and again with the settings maxed out i dont see whats so amazing about minor upgrades...the only thing ive seen that impresed me was the watch dog mods and gta mods both of which i havent experience because im not into the whole mod thing but it looks amazing...but thats not what xb1/ps4 offers tho. they offer a slight upgrade from last gen to now...they didnt double in power, the power was increased 10%...big difference

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mydyingparadiselost1552d ago

I would agree with your plan for their hardware but it's already been done, it's what they did with the GameCube. The GC was more powerful than its competition and had those third party exclusives, but sold less than the others. Maybe it would be different now but honestly, I'm not too sure it would be. I just can't see anyone from the Sony/MS camp deciding to get a Nintendo console instead of the competitors, no matter the circumstance.

herbs1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Nintendo has been slowly developing improving their same 3D game engines since the GameCube this is the reason they still use similar hardware as well. The Wii Us CPU is basically 3 overclocked GameCube CPUs with some modern features. This enables them to carry over all their existing engines to further improve upon instead of having to do a complete overhaul (Example the new Zelda U game is using an enhanced Windwaker engine) People always bring up specs but specs don't tell the whole story Nintendo's game engines and hardware are all about efficiency and working around limitations this is part of their creative process and one of the main reasons their games are so great they are often able to achieve more with less...

N4g_null1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Everyone wishes the wiiu was a Xbox 360 or ps3. The problem is every one is using fixed function shaders on a system that is designed for free form graphics. This system is closer to what the gpu makers are making. Plus they didn't ditch the power pc design, they only made it so a better power pc chip can be used.

They really did a good job on this. Sony and ms have wrappers that emulate the old stuff.

This is what unity3d does.

You can pretty much make any effect you want now and the power of this means when nintendo upgrades you will not need a port it will simply run better.

This is the best thing to happen to gaming because this console is ready to go portable now. It is also ready for iterations in the platform much like most mobile tech.

Then comes the unification of home console and handheld so that you can fully use the power of some thing like unity3d.

Once nintendo adopts a power race like samsung sony may not be able to keep up. Heck even ms has already started falling behind.

Also sony is notorious for fluffing numbers. They have been doing this since day one. The ps1 and ps2 had some insane bus speeds, the cell cpu could process an insane amount of information. ... Yet all of those specs proved to be useless in game design. The ps2 is now admitted weaker than the ngc. Yet flash back to the ps2 and fanboys and execs where trumpeting a different tune.

Now they just let a desperate fanbase spread the lies. Sure ram is great and so is the teraflop rate yet it is barely 2 and the wiiu is barely 1. Yet here is the problem the low end is about to be 3 in smart phones and tablets with in the next year.

3 is needed for the gpgpu effects designers want. The high end is reaching for 4 and 6 teraflops.

If you can't afford these chips then understand one thing no one can, which is why all systems will start having account systems to subsidize that price.

An account system will need backward compatible hardware and software. A chips that scale. Nintendo is just going for a different purpose with their systems. They are not trying to be junior pcs they are making consoles and handheld consoles.

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Dudebro901552d ago

Nintendo has billions in the bank. They are fine even if the Wii U doesnt sell another unit.

JEECE1552d ago

The thing is, you don't make all that money so you can turn around and lose it. Don't get me wrong, cash reserves are good when a business makes a bad move, but Nintendo won't just sit and burn through their cash, as their shareholders wouldn't go for it. Fortunately they have the 3DS, but even that isn't selling as well as the DS did, because unfortunately where our generation was raised on Nintendo handhelds, kids today are often just handed an iphone to play bad touch games. That of course will eventually hurt all the players in the video games market, but that is a whole other conversation.

wannabe gamer1552d ago

this is whats called washed up. if they dont do anything successful then their brand suffers and the name is worthless someday.

like a famous actor that does very well then does nothing forever and all the money they have means nothing eventually when they have no selling power.

Metallox1552d ago

When we knew that Retro was making a side-scroller, or at least for me.

ShinMaster1552d ago

Wasn't that Tropical Freeze?

Gravity_DoGG1552d ago

so Metroid side crolling? sounds neat.


Concertoine1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

What's up man? Usually you post some pretty decent comments.

You've been on the Wii U news way after Tropical Freeze was announced and were praising the system (when necessary of course) and now you're saying its been dead to you since June 2013?

ShinMaster1552d ago

^^Third-person/side scrolling Metroid would be awesome.

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Qrphe1552d ago

Youve got to be a fanboy to spew out stuff like this. I know people get huge empowerement when their favorite corporations buys something eith a name but buying Unity is illogical no matter how you look at it.

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