After Watch Dogs, Titanfall, and Destiny, is 2014 the Year of Too Much Hype?

Tony at Twinfinite asks: With three of the most anticipated games of the year having such moderate receptions, has the video game hype train gone off the rails?

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swishersweets200311226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

No way, the developers just went to the jordon belfort school of business.

Spend game budget on hookers and blow and 26k on sides that cured cancer. Make a average game. Then let the people and the media turned it into a hype machine.
Everyone ooooooohhh oooo.. ooooohhh ooo Kaaaa ooooohh oooo. I got to stop watching wolf of wallstreet. lol.

Magicite1226d ago

look at dark souls 2 - nearly zero overhype, but goty contender.

sho0ok1226d ago

Lol @ Dark Souls had no hype! Titanfall was great I don't know what you guys were expecting but the game was very entertaining.

3-4-51225d ago

2014 has been a year of solid games.

Only the Media has overhyped EVERYTHING.

So yea, Twinfinite....YOUR to Blame.

swishersweets200311225d ago

you can go back on just about any destiny topic before it released and see the people hype themselves into believing it was going to be the greatest game ever. You can't deny that.

kratoz12091226d ago

Best games will be persona 4 arena 2, kh 2.5, shadow of mordor, Driveclub and littlebigplanet 3

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trywizardo1226d ago

actually i played TF on 360 and it lived to its hype (super fun and addictive) , i played WD and it was a mediocre game (story and gameplay) , but i didn't play destiny yet (sold my 360)
so far TF is the best IMO

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1226d ago

too much:
not much new

_FantasmA_1226d ago

You speak the truth sir.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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