New Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Mode Revealed

A new multiplayer game mode has been announced for the upcoming FPS Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. The mode is called ‘Momentum’ and is heavily inspired by the game mode from Call of Duty 3 and World at War called War.

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dreamed1498d ago

Christ will this franchise please hurry up and DIE.....i just played my first ghost vs game and just dont understand what the fuss is about .....all you do is spam both triggers????....

My god pls someone explain to me why this game sells so well,coz im baffled at where the fun is????

Or are most cod players just dribbling morons,that will suck up any run n gun crap??...sorry to offend but geez!!

Summons751498d ago

I can tell you simply why this game manages to sell.

Stupid people like stupid things.

Look at any game forum and you can see real gamers pointing out the same flaws and bugs the game has had since COD4.

XtraTrstrL1498d ago

There are tons of bugs that carried over forever in COD, like the shaking objects bug that always annoyed me. This game is using a new engine though, so I'm pretty sure that bug will finally be wiped out.

The gameplay has always been fun in COD, which is what I liked it for, despite the evil greed of Activision. Ghosts was horrific on PS4, the performance was just abysmal to the point I deleted it from my console months ago.

I've been thinking about getting this game, but I'm not sure I want to support a game that is gonna force me to buy the map packs basically. Because, if I don't buy the map packs, by the time the 2nd one releases, I won't be able to find matches in for modes like Kill Confirmed after 11pm or so. It always happens, and I end up forced to play boring TDM after a certain point at night. If they'd adopt the old PC FPS and new Killzone or PvZ:Garden Warfare method of giving competitive mp map packs free and making their money off the other endless $DLC$ options they always have - then I'd buy it for sure.

Geekman1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Pretty sure real gamers don't see or care about petty bugs and play they like.

I'm also pretty sure real gamers don't call people who like something stupid, as well as the thing they like stupid, and say they're not "real gamers." As much as I dislike COD myself, come one dude, you're no better than the gamers you claim aren't real.

spacedelete1498d ago

tell us your favourite games so we can call it rubbish.

ritsuka6661498d ago

Christ will this franchise please hurry up and DIE''

I hope so.. I'm tired COD already.

Funantic11498d ago

Until they come up with a better, faster paced game COD will rule for a while. People complain about COD but it's still the best FPS out there. BF4 is broken, Destiny sucks and has bad reviews. Killzone, you know that sucks. The only games that come close to COD is Titanfall and Halo. Advanced Warfare really looks good. So if you don't like COD just don't buy it....I will.

Brix901497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Nobody is forcing you to play it...christ people enjoy this game you must be a moron if you don't understand that

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paddy951498d ago

Destiny is a million times worse. Everyone was hyped for that boring generic borderlands clone.

ravens521498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

False statement everyone! Destiny is a great game, don't just read reviews and judge it like this guy! Destiny multiplayer is 1000x better than this. Smh at the herd just following head down :/ Be the judge yourself people! Have a great day.

spacedelete1498d ago

Destiny's multiplayer actually reminds me of CODs multiplayer except even worse. COD is rubbish but I'd play those games than Destiny any day.

paddy951498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Destiny has no ideas of it's own and those that it uses are very basic and lacking in ambition, feeling outdated. At least COD introduces new things.

gangsta_red1498d ago

"..don't just read reviews and judge it like this guy!"

Or how about from the thousand other guys who have experienced and said the same thing?

One or two reviews bashing a game leaves cause for the review to be suspect, but when you have over half the sites AND gamers saying the same then it starts to become credible.

XtraTrstrL1498d ago

Destiny's mp was an afterthought. It's not anywhere near as deep or as fun as Halo's, and has hardly any maps even. Usually, I play competitive multiplayer the most, and would play the campaign in a game like Destiny because of it's fun RPG elements. With Destiny though, I found myself steering away from the competitive multiplayer, because it was just lifeless and had nothing much going on. That's not good for a game that's story is over as quickly as Destiny's. I'm not sure how they expect their public events to keep people playing, they aren't gonna be rolling them out quickly enough to stop the boredom, not with the Crucible being so dull.

Chimichanga1498d ago

I personally don't like Destiny's multiplayer at all. When they add super moves into multiplayer that give instant kills, I think it ruins it. I'm trying to get used to it since I already spent the money on a digital copy.

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illAmpRefugee1498d ago

At least destiny's story mode is fun to play even with a lack of cutscenes to draw u into the story destiny.... But both these games have trash mp compared to BF

XtraTrstrL1498d ago

BF mp is a great simulation, but the execution always seems very boring to me. Then BF3 clearly borrowed as much from COD as they could gameplay-wise, and still came off more boring. They have a great technical engine though, I give them that.

Newmanator1498d ago

I must be REALLY stupid because I actually like Ghosts!

1498d ago
dcj05241498d ago

Ew no. Ghost is the worst one. This one actually looks good.

Newmanator1498d ago

This one does look amazing, I liked BO2 the best so far (less first 2 MWs) but this best one looks great

illAmpRefugee1498d ago

i'm not ready to jump on the cod's bandwagon yet (i liked cod4 waw, mw2, Bo1) but and BO2 had a trash mp and was only good for zombies and mw3 was the worst game in the MW series and Ghosts was ehhh) So i would say Cod hasn't put out a good competitive mp game in a while the mp has sucked compared to other fps's on the market recently also the mp has been so bad lately IMO the best thing it has to offer now is coop zombies ... ill have to play AW before i pick it up this series needs to be brought back to life but idk if AW will do that ill put my bet on BO3 next year, no way these COD DEVs keep dropping the ball but then again every 12 yr old buys this game so idk if they'll change it just because that reason sales why fix something if u only care about sales they dont care about thier hardcore community ...

XtraTrstrL1498d ago

This map looks just like a Shadow Fall map.

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