Editorial: Who cares if Notch sold Mojang to Microsoft. Why does it bother you so much?

Notch, the creator of Indie megahit Minecraft, has sold his company to Microsoft to the tune of 2.5 billion dollars. But does it matter to you and why is everyone so upset about it?

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pwnsause_returns1551d ago

its not really how much he made, thats irrelevant, it happens every day. Look at Dre when he sold Beats to Apple.

I think the problem here is how MS will use the Minecraft IP and the Studio with its Developers. its kinda bothersome for the fact that they could of dropped that money on creating more studios or use that funding to create new IPs with their already established internal studios.

mhunterjr1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

The assumption that if MS if weren't buying Mojang, they would have spent the 2.5 billion on something game related...

For all we know, they wouldn't have spent it at all, or would have spent it on something totally unrelated to gaming...

Truth is, we have no idea what MS' plans are orhow much they have or will invest in studios and/or 1st party games. so to be sour about this makes little sense. It's their $ to spend as they see fit.

I look at the backlash after the Oculus Rift aquisition. All the talk about how Facebook was going to ruin it... When it turns out all Facebook did was give an ambitious project the resources it needed to reach the next level. This deal may or may not end up with a similar result, but there is no reason to assume the worst.

DiscoKid1551d ago

They did spent the 2.5 billion on something game-related. They bought Minecraft.

SilentNegotiator1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

You don't have to assume anything...the point is that they had the capacity to spend more money on Xbox in wake of all of the criticism that they don't have enough new IPs. It's unlikely that they will spend ANOTHER 2.5 billion on game related stuff - in a very soon time frame - now.

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guitarded771550d ago

I think it's fair to assume that there is potential for this to be negative. Take MS's acquisition of RARE for example. If we look at past experience, people are right to be concerned.

mhunterjr1550d ago


It's not fair to assume anything. They also bought Bungie... That turned out well for everyone.

If you want to look at past experiences, don't just look at the ones that suit your argument.

guitarded771550d ago

@ mhunterjr

How the hell did MS's time with Bungie "turn out well for everyone". Bungie went from a 3rd party, able to make games for all platforms, to just making for MS. It separated them from the mass audience they once again have. As much as I hate Activision, at least Bungie is free to stretch its legs again.

mhunterjr1550d ago


Are you inherently against the purchase of 3rd parties? Because of so, you'd find any aquisition bad. Or are you just against Microsoft aquisitions? Do you feel the same way about the countless 3rd parties Sony has purchased? You do understand that any aquisition is going to come with an expectation of exclusivity, right?

As for MS buying Bungie, do you think activision would have spend $500mil on this new franchise if Bungie didn't reach legendary status with Halo. Unlike with Rare, the Bungie aquisition improved the value of all brands it was associated with.

MrPink20131550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

guitarted77, so then you agree it was good for Insomniac to leave Sony and Sucker Punch should follow suit? Critics of Microsoft have said they need to build within and now that they buy Mojang it's bad???

How come some peeps here act like they know how to run a company? Let me get this straight, they spend 2.5 billion on this and now people think that money would have went elsewhere to building up the Xbox One? Buying minecraft has far more repercussions than one system. Microsoft has the funds to support the Xbox One as well but as usual the same pessimistic people like to view things within a box. Besides its not like they will not get any of that investment back. In fact some analysts suggest they will recoup that investment rather quickly. But hey, let's listen to some anonymous comments.

miyamoto1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Microsoft's life after the Xbox Done will be Microcraft. And M$ will milk it dry like they did to Nokia.

But M$ has a point: Why spend billions on a dud like the Xbox Done where we can spend it on a surefire hit like Minecraft?

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gameon19851551d ago

Look you uninformed gamer, Microsoft studios did not buy them, but a over seas division of Microsoft did. How ever their gaming division will reap the rewards of this purchase. As for new ip and studios, Microsoft has more new ips out and in development then Sony, and also have more studios.

pwnsause_returns1551d ago

>Look you uninformed gamer, Microsoft studios did not buy them, but a over seas division of Microsoft did.

> but a over seas division of Microsoft did.

>division of Microsoft

> Microsoft


SilentNegotiator1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

And I didn't cheat on my wife; my penis did.

qwerty6761550d ago

" its kinda bothersome for the fact that they could of dropped that money on creating more studios"

you're thinking small, this is greater then xbox.

SilentNegotiator1550d ago

It does nothing to improve anything on ANY platform, though. Microsoft could have done something to improve the Xbone instead and given people a reason to buy one. Microsoft should be worried about the considerable possibility of finishing last again.

mhunterjr1550d ago


And they STILL have the capacity to spend more on xbox if they see fit. You act as if they took money from XBOX. But you have no idea what this money was slotted for, what their motives behind this aquisition is or what their future investments will be.

Hunch tells me this move was less about xbox and more about MS mobile and services.

Spotie1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Microsoft has the capacity to spend their entire funding on Xbox, but you'd be stupid to think they will.

Like every other company in the world, Microsoft's divisions have budgets. There is a finite amount of money they're willing to spend on ANY of their brands, Xbox included. So this money they spent acquiring Mojang cuts into that, meaning less money for Microsoft original gaming content.

Then again, since it seems like most XBox fans- like you- don't really miss the extra games or variety. Why else would Death and others be championing the parity clause that results in fewer games on the system?

Edit: Why would you be operating under the assumption that this wasn't in their budget? What's with Xbox fans and this belief that Microsoft will just throw untold amounts of money into Xbox without regard for their ROI?

How long do you think Microsoft will put up with that? How long do you think investors will put up with watching money sunk into a division that isn't making nearly enough?

Or are you running with the assumption that they don't care how much money they lose?

mhunterjr1550d ago


Again, you a running with the assumption that this money came from xbox's budget...

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-Foxtrot1551d ago

I don't really see a BIG problem with it, I'm more annoyed with the fact they spent so much money on it then I am with it being owned by Microsoft now.

I mean if they do Minecraft 2 and have a shit load of features in it, things which they never put into the first game then I'll be fine. By that I mean stuff which you see in loads of mods but Mojang never added into the official game. Wallpaper, more furniture, bizarre biomes (see The Twilight Forest mod), mechanical stuff like trains/trams, air balloons, introduction of oil, electric (stuff better then redstone), generators, power tools etc. It just felt that despite the updates, even the big ones Minecraft never went as full. Look at the 1.8 one which has taken months to come out, they've just added different doors now, something like that should of been in ages ago

What bugs me though is the fact Notch moaned on about Oculus being sellouts when they were bought by Facebook, then he does the exact same. Bit of a hypocrite don't you think

kdmitchell_toh1551d ago

Yeah, that's the only thing that rubs me the wrong way. But at the same time I can understand where Notch is coming from but he / they shouldn't have said what they said for them to do a 180 and do exactly what they said they wouldn't do.

Still like I said, I don't know anyone that would deny 2.5 billion dollars. Would you? Would anyone here?

DLConspiracy1551d ago

I could be wrong here but I don't recall Notch saying the sellout portion. I think he just felt they had no prior knowledge or passion for the gaming community and might not have the gamers in full mind. What I recall him specifically saying is. Was excited about porting Minecraft onto Oculus but not now Facebook just creeps me out"

Like I said I could be wrong but I wasn't exactly following up on that bit of news.

jrshankill1550d ago

From what I understand, he has said he never wanted to be involved with AAA titles. He wants to continue making games as an independent developer.

Still, he is filthy rich now.

Nobody would turn down that kind of money. It is debatable if Minecraft and Mojang is really worth that kind of investment (I always think that MS could have grabbed Capcom for the same investment) but nobody knows for sure what will happen to the Minecraft IP. It's Microsoft's money, they can do as they please with it. It's exciting though to think how this could lead to future Minecraft releases.

Congratulations has to go to Microsoft for this one, and Mojang for the money they are now swimming in.

urwifeminder1550d ago

Gamers these days seem to need hormone replacement therapy always crying over some nonsense, nice work MS .

user3672721550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

I love the deal. MS is always being accused of buying timed third party exclusives like Tomb Raider, and yes...even the current Minecraft for the longest and "I'll wait for this _____ (game) to be on my console in 6 months" quote was used constantly by haters. Now, they bought a Huge IP and probably will make the sequel xb1 exclusive on console, the new crying and moaning from haters is that they are wasting money. Go figure. 😕

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feraldrgn1550d ago

Because people care about the game, that should be obvious.

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