PS4 Is Still Far From Perfect

PS4 may be leading the sales race but there is still a lot of work for Sony to do. Here’s what PS4 needs to have in order to deserve its market leader position.

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infinitewords1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Of course it's not perfect, nothing is, but as far as consoles are concerned it's the best you can get in my opinion.

MrPink20131551d ago

The hardware may be the best out of all the available consoles but what exactly has Sony done since launch that makes them the leader aside from selling the most?

Enemy1551d ago

@ MrPink171: You mean aside from once again having the best and most exclusives?

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TheWatercooler1551d ago

It is 100% the best you can get. Nothing else even comes close. The other console is just an imitation and pretender.

radler1551d ago

I wouldn't call it the best when there's features that the PS3 has over it. I'm still waiting for custom soundtrack support, for example. Disappointing that nearly a whole year since launch features like that are still missing, along with other things they were talking about before launch such as the whole suspend/resume thing. Hopefully those features come soon. I also miss how whisper quiet the PS3 was as well, my PS4 gets so loud and noisy with the fans that it's starting to drive me crazy.

xHeavYx1551d ago

I'd rather play on the PS4 without custom soundtracks than on the PS3 with it, but that's just me, I get gaming consoles for gaming mainly

XtraTrstrL1551d ago

Gotta agree with you there on the features, other than the noise. I don't notice any type of loud noise from my PS4 at all. The fact that #1 and #2 are still missing is pretty bad. Especially when Music/Video Unlimited were perfectly implemented from launch day. It makes me feel they are purposely holding off on it to have a better chance at Music/Video Unlimited subscriptions out of frustration. I feel one year in, DLNA and MP3 support should have long been here already.

That reasoning is always sad. Yeah, we mostly all get consoles for gaming mainly. That doesn't mean I don't want it to have simple features that I actually use on a daily basis on PS3 to be there. I really don't feel like firing up my PS3 to stream from my PC in the other room to the TV. It's no excuse to say you get the console mainly for gaming, it's a basic feature that should have made it in by now, and I can only see it as a stalling tactic to get more exposure for Music/Vid Unlimited.

Loktai1551d ago

If it matters to you that much try music unlimited, I am not saying its the perfect option but right now you can have custom soundtrack via that route.

bigpiece1551d ago

i respectfully disagree. in terms of graphics it absolutely is! but when it comes to how the console is overall the xbox one to me is much better. i have both but i just prefer xbox one than ps4 :). no fanboy crap

infinitewords1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

And I respect your opinion. I for one like the diversity in the PlayStation exclusives. Games like Uncharted, The Last of Us, Ratchet & Clank, God of War and Infamous are all very special to me. And as long as Sony continues to make games like the ones previously mentioned, I will continue to support them, and with upcoming games like BloodBorne and The Order: 1886, I don't see that trend stopping anytime soon.

I judge a game console by the games it has and will have, not by the number of apps or non-gaming related features it has, and Sony has proven to me, time and time again, that they will deliver the games. After all, what goods a game console without any games?

MrPink20131551d ago

infinitewords, I agree with what you are saying. Sony has proven they know how to support its consoles with software but the article is taking about how the PS4 is now and sorry to say but so far Sony isn't doing much to retain their leadership. I am sure that will change over time but I don't reward a company for what it may or may not provide. I base my evaluation in where it stands and so far it's been very slow on Sony's part getting things done.

VforVideogames1551d ago

Thank god is your opinion only , because as far as I'm concerned ps4 its just hype.

Kazuya17991551d ago

Agree 100%. Besides who ever said it was perfect it's a solid console with something for everyone. My kids enjoy the play room to this day.

KiLLUMiNATi_891551d ago

Comes down to preferences i think..

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DigitalRaptor1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

According to this article, non-gaming features make a gaming console perfect. It's not like I'm complaining about having them as well, but saying PS4 doesn't deserve its market leading position because it's focus is absolutely on gaming is astonishing to me.

It's the market leading console because of several already well-established reasons, that certain people have been trying to pin on the one factor, being "hype".

Suspend/resume, though… where the heck is this? Would be so useful.

nucky641552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

what I'm VERY surprised at with the ps4:
no Bluetooth support for sony brand ps3 mic
no notification for when friends log on the system.
no way to tell the last time friends had logged on

the gaming I've done has been great and upcoming games look like [email protected] fun - but there isn't any excuse for the above 3 things to not have been implemented a LONG time ago.

Codewow1551d ago

Didn't Hannah Montana teach us all that nobody is perfect? I think the same applies for all things on the planet.

KwietStorm1551d ago

Yes, nobody is perfect. No, Hannah Montana did not teach me that lesson.

gangsta_red1551d ago

Hannah Montana did not teach us that at was the My Little Ponies that taught us that lesson.

MeliMel1551d ago

So you learning how to Twerk?

JonnyBigBoss1551d ago

I rarely use mine. It needs AAA exclusives and OS improvements.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1551d ago ShowReplies(3)
KwietStorm1551d ago

I really wish people would get off this "AAA exclusive" junk and just play games. A good game is a good game, wherever it comes from.

MysticStrummer1551d ago

Hopefully this is the generation when the myth that AAA=Good will die.

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