Custom Ultra-Limited PS4 Air Jordans Cost $950; And Look Awesome

Joel Taveras, "How much are you willing to pay to display your love of Sony’s PlayStation 4 to the world… on your feet? If that price is somewhere around a thousand bucks, I got an idea of what you might want to set your sights on."

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theXtReMe11377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

They are horrible looking. They would probably look better if they had blue rubber instead of that ugly tannish brown color. It would've also been cool if they had light up LED PS4 logos in the back. As it is, they just look like high end Keds.

uptownsoul1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

You, my friend, apparently are not a sneaker head…These Jays look sick..I do wish the HDMI did something but these are SWEET

theXtReMe11377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

I admit Im not much of a sneaker collector, but do appreciate a great design. The brown ruins these. Playstation blue would have made more sense. The LEDs either optional or switched.

For $950, I just think these dont have anything special that separates them from any other shoe on the market. Besides the PS4 logo, which someone could glue on to their own shoes.

uptownsoul1377d ago

I get you on that…But for $1000 I'm sure the guy will be willing to work on a Jordan of your choice in the color way of your choice. I mean Jordans come in almost every color way imaginable.

Dee_911377d ago

Brown ? You mean the warm lighting reflecting off the grey soles?
Jordan 4s are probably my 2nd fav retro jays.I thought this would be some new crappy jays but I was pleasantly surprised by the retros.They need to make this an official color way though, I don't like the all black 4s but that hint of grey on the soles makes them look good.

medman1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

The Jordan 4' sneaker. ever. I loved those things when I was a kid..I used to clean them fanatically after I wore them, every single time. They were the black with grey and white, red sole. They were like gold to me as a kid. Good times.

XBLSkull1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Shoes with a non-functional HDMI port for $1000? What is the world coming to? For that price you could literally duct tape 2 PS4's to your feet.. I'd love to see a sales pitch for these or someone trying to show them off at a bar.

KwietStorm1377d ago

I been a sneaker head almost my whole life. These things are eyebrow raiser at best. They damn sure ain't worth $950.

XB1_PS41377d ago

These shoes probably cost close to $10 to make, for $950 they should do something awesome.

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Abriael1377d ago

I agree on the brown. Not much on the LED tho, I'd hate to walk around wearing shoes with LED...

mikeslemonade1377d ago

Shoes are lame. Just wait for them to do go on clearence.

Allsystemgamer1377d ago

Mikes lemonade is pretty lame. Definitely a girls drink.

iSuperSaiyanGod1377d ago

@thextreme is right . I'm a sneaker head these are dope but for $950 no .., I'll take my money to mâché customs . And get some bangers done . Or just use the $950 for a pair of paranormans lol

LookAtYou1377d ago

Jordan 4s are classics, there's no making them ugly, you could throw any color scheme on them and they'd still look nice.

Str8Chaos741376d ago

Jordan 4's were the best, had 3 pairs of those back in the day.

DarkAzureIIIX1376d ago

Not Brown thats a light, the soles are grey. look at the reflection on the Black leather.

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skulz71377d ago

Shoes....for nearly a thousand bucks....what the actual fuck.

zeuanimals1377d ago

It's pretty common for limited edition Jordans/Nikes and especially for higher end shoes.

GodGinrai1377d ago

personally I would rather get a pair of Black/infrared/cement J4s than these. Too much black. they should have went with a dash of blue accents and maybe blue laces too, to show a little bit more of the PS inspiration. for what they are ( and how they look) they are overpriced.

KwietStorm1377d ago

I don't know who your hookup is, but limited edition or out of production J's run a few hundred at most.


Yeah, I don't get it either... I mean, I understand some people love sneakers and pay top dollar for limited models and collectible shoes... But still, 950 is too much... Personally I hardly use sneakers anyway, I like boots, but still would hardly go above the 300 bucks range (enough for quality hiking boots or technical motorcycle boots).

dcbronco1377d ago

There will only be ten pairs. I wonder how many would actually sell if there were more. If a lot of people would buy these, its time for consoles to raise the launch price to PS3 prices permanently each new console. No more compromises on tech.

optimus1377d ago

I think only Michael Jordan himself could afford these...what is the point of the hdmi port? Can you plug it into the PS4 and use them to play NBA2k15? Or better yet, plug them in and change the color to the team you want on your sneakers...I mean, give the price tag purpose if we‘re going there.

CrimsonDragon901377d ago

Imo all Air Jordan's look ugly. I don't get whats the big deal.

GodGinrai1377d ago

whaaat? Air jordan 3s are some of the best loking sneakers ever made (I have bought pretty much every colour, their is!) and jordan 1s are a timeless classic.

KwietStorm1377d ago

You think every single pair of Jordans ever made are ugly?

icewater851377d ago

Jordan 11's is the greatest shoe ever made.

GodGinrai1377d ago

J11 are clean! I like em in white on white :) great in the summer with a pair of chino shorts!

Didnt know there were any fellow jordan heads on N4G. Nice! ;)

XXXL1377d ago

Can't wait to see the riots these cause at your local ghetto foot locker

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