Forza Horizon 2 Preview | ENE3

ENE3: "Microsoft gave us the opportunity to test a demo of the game, where we can experience three cars and a track. This little experience was enough to realize that the game will bring a new feature to the series Horizon, this presents more simulation and less arcade than its predecessor."

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Whirlwind_Fanfare_081375d ago

Out of all the races i'm excited to see, which is weird, is racing the jets, cargo plane, passing hot-air ballons, and my favorite, racing the train.
Weird that's all want to see in this game.

4Sh0w1375d ago

Haha just on coincidence I have one of my rare days off tomorrow so I'm gonna get plenty hands on with this as soon as it's out.

Shadow_leo1375d ago

Looks way better than Forza's.

BootyBandit1375d ago Show
Foehammer1375d ago

And the number of positive previews continues to grow.

Looks like Playground Games has a winner on it's hands.

Definitely like the simulation slant, and it's got Forza's tuning ability.

Must check for demo, isn't it out soon?

cfc781375d ago

Any time now hopefully sooner rather than later.

SonofGod1375d ago

Don't we have to wait until US has reached midnight or something? Because that is so typical -_-

CloudRap1375d ago

Staying up for the xb1 demo tonight

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MadSientist891375d ago

i hope you have fast internet, the demo is 12GB space.

J0Scorpionake1375d ago

That's a big demo! The game's installation will take us 35 GB of space.

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gamerfan09091375d ago

It's no surprise that Forza is one the premiere racing games in the last decade. When you here Dan Greenwalt and the guys from turn 10 and Playground talk about cars the passion just exudes. Same thing happens when you hear the NBA 2k guys talk about basketball. There's devs that just get these specific genres and what inhabits these games and devs that are clueless. That's when we get stuff like Need for Speed and NBA Live.

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