Here is The TV Commercial For Hyrule Warriors

Here is the official TV commercial for Hyrule Warriors in North America.

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Jackhass1130d ago

Well, that was thoroughly bland. Come on Nintendo.

Metallox1130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

Well, at least just shows stuff from the game and just from the game (not that much though, it doesn't excite me or anything), something that many of us wanted from Wii U commercials and not happy families like the initial ad.

I give it 6.5/10

George Sears1130d ago

From the epic music, great presentation of the main characters of the franchise and a good chunk of time displaying gameplay, I think this ad was superb.

DC7771130d ago

Not bad. At least it's an advert that shows gameplay.

MSBAUSTX1130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

Do you know what it is time for those characters to do in that gameplay?

Time to fight.

paddy951130d ago

Looks better than destiny.

optimus1130d ago

Nintendo has done much better than this in the past. I couldn't tell what the game is about. I know there is some fighting in it and that's it...not really the way I would promote a game on a system that's struggling.

SteamPowered1130d ago

It would take one hell of an advert to get me excited about this game. Simply saying "Zelda Wii U" out loud gives me tingles though.

TekoIie1130d ago

What if we swapped out the gameplay for this one:

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