Ranking Every Naughty Dog Game From Worst To Best

The TOP 12 games made from Naughty Dog

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breakpad1526d ago

generally a fair list ..Crash 1 should be higher, as for Crash 2 was truly the best of the three

xHeavYx1525d ago

Title should be "Ranking Every Naughty Dog Game From Good To Masterpiece"

breakpad1525d ago

i think JAk 2,3 and JAK Racing were not so special as they tried to copy GTA and transformed a truly fun platformer to a dark gun-blazing action title, for me these 3 games should be at the bottom...also CTR could be easily take the first place as it so well made that still there is no worth competitor (even Mariokart 8)

Septic1525d ago

Lol sounds about right. Have ND ever made a bad game?

Btw, screw this wretched website and its one item per page articles. These guys just make lists of 'top 10 bla bla' and then stretch them across the internet.

Hairy Chewie1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

@Gamepard I still play CTR with mates on the ps3 occasionally. Way too much fun.

VealParmHero1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

I wish I was involved with PS back in the day. Missed so many good games. I owned PS one late into the cycle and didn't really know much of what it had to offer back then. PS2 I never owned (I know, I know), as that gen I had only gamecube (and loved it). Last gen was my first time with all of the major consoles and I just couldn't really get into the older games. They are great, but it takes a sort of nostalgic buffer to not sit there and just say "wow, wtf, im putting on a new game". Not to mention, I barley have time to play the new stuff let-alone the old. Too bad, really.

Maybe I will get some of these on PS-Now at some point.

I will say this, I have some fond memories of many PS games when playing with my cousins, such as twisted metal, crash bandicoot (all of them) and even parappa the rappa.

Azzanation1524d ago

Iv played and love CTR however the metascore for that game is truly overhyped. CTR was probably better then SNES Mario Kart however its no where near the polish or quality of Mario Kart 64+

Its clear why ND stay away from kart racing games, they cant compete with Nintendo in that category, no one can, just look at Jak X

MuhammadJA1524d ago

Stop worshiping them. They don't care about you.

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Patrick_pk441525d ago

Agreed, Crash 1 should be a bit higher, but the rest I agree with. Naughty Dogs best game was Uncharted 2.

tordavis1525d ago

Has no one played WAY OF THE WARRIOR!? It's their worst game!

MRMagoo1231525d ago

You mean a game they made with practically no money at all and the company was bankrupt at the time too, I cant imagine that would count.

tordavis1524d ago

How can it not count!? It's a Naughty Dog game. It doesn't matter what their situation was at the time they made the game. It was a two man team at the time but they were still Naughty Dog therefore it's a Naughty Dog game. Your logic is flawed beyond belief!

MRMagoo1231525d ago

Can anyone explain the appeal of the crash games to me, I really really didnt like them back in the day, I much preferred spyro and gex for crazy platformer type games. I have nothing against the games I just didnt like them and cant see why anyone does.

nitus101524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

Personally I could not rank them since I have not played all of them. I definitely did like the Uncharted series though.

It is worth noting that if you look at the Naughty Dog Wiki you will see there are three retro games. Those being: "Keef the Thief" (Apple IIGS, Amiga, DOS), then "Rings of Power" (Sega Genesis/Megadrive) and "Way of the Warrior" (3DO - who had one of these?).

Out of which I have only played "Rings of Power" which really pushed the Sega platform (it was in 2.5D so movement was really jerky) to the point the game was almost unplayable until you used the auto move feature.

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Jackhass1526d ago

I'd love if Naughty Dog just randomly made another Crash game after the recent dark stuff.

FsterThnFTL1525d ago

1. Uncharted 3
2. Uncharted 2
3. Uncharted 1
4. The Last of Us Remastered
5. The Last of Us
6. Don't Care

EdoubleD1525d ago

Just the last gen games? Oh my, you don't know them at all.

WeAreLegion1525d ago

You seriously never played Crash or Jak & Daxter? Dude...

PS3Freak1525d ago

Started gaming in 2007 did you?

I_am_Batman1525d ago

Please tell me that you're in your early teens.

Also where is Rings of Power on that list :D

nitus101524d ago

If you look at may last post I did mention "Rings of Power" which IMHO is a surprisingly interesting RPG game in that it was 2.5D which really stressed out the Sega Genesis/Megadrive at the time to the point of it being unplayable. Once you learned to use the auto move feature the game was so much more easier to play.

Remembering that the game came out in 1991 the graphics were quite amazing and you could see there was quite a good deal of attention to detail. It also had an interesting story line. Not bad for a 1MB game.

Patrick_pk441525d ago

I'd feel embarrassed if Naughty Dog saw this post. Also Uncharted 2>Uncharted 3. There was nothing innovative about Uncharted 3, and it was all over the place, unlike Uncharted 2. Last of Us is the best story based game. Crash and CTR were both fun as ****.

NukaCola1525d ago

UC3 was incredible. UC2 gets the leg up because it had the biggest leap. In terms of game play UC3 was the best. UC 1 has the best story and UC2 was the most well rounded/paced.

JasonRoseEh1525d ago

Uncharted 3 at #1............smh

Melankolis1525d ago

Hahahah...hey, i don't blame you

I was too busy playing J-RPG and J-Act in PS1 & PS2 era, only picked Jak HD recently and never liked Crash...yeah never liked it...

I hate to say this, but, ND weren't as awesome as they are now...

Psygnosis3331525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

CTR was the BEST cart game ever created, even now i think its still the best..and it was on PS1 so much limitations and they made such a greah game without even pop-ins which was usual thing on ps1 sitem cuz od lack of RAM only 2MB

Clogmaster1525d ago

Yes. To this day, the boost system in Crash Team Racing 1 destroys all the Mario Kart games combined.

That game was amazing, way ahead of its time that it's insane.

MRMagoo1231525d ago

See I am the same, I was playing the jrpgs , I dont like crash at all the games just where not fun to me, I really hated the running towards the screen being chased by a boulder parts. I love ND now but crash to me was not even worth putting in the play.

Melankolis1524d ago

@GrayFOX333, D-DU

I read in Wiki that CTR had a high quality.

But by the time CTR was released i was already 16 and games like CTR seemed like a childish game to me.

Your nostalgia is CTR, but to me it's Ridge Racer Type-4...

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MysticStrummer1525d ago

Your list went off the rails immediately imo.

guitarded771525d ago Show
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LazyGoron1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

2. UC1
3. Crash 1
4. UC2
5. Crash 2
6. Crash 3
7. UC3

(haven't played J&D yet)

I want a Crash HD set for PS4 with trophies, thanks

PS3Freak1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

The jak series is excellent and the HD collection is super cheap.

Go out and buy it!

Although to be fair I had an N64 and didn't own a ps1 when I was a kid so I haven't played the Crash series.

LazyGoron1525d ago

I actually have it LOL, haven't played it yet.

I went from PS1 to Gamecube/Xbox so that's why I missed great games. I was very happy for the Jak and Ico/Shadow HD releases.

I_am_Batman1525d ago

Wow. That's an interessting order. UC1 over 2 and 3 and Crash 1 over 2 and 3.

In my opinion the sequels of both games have improved on a lot of things.

LazyGoron1525d ago

Yeah... my problem may be that I really enjoyed and fell in love with UC1 and Crash 1 when I played those for the first time. Therefore the sequels are "just more of the same" for me, not in a bad way, but the sequels never had the allure the originals did.

There's something about visiting a new world you love for the first time. It's great to go back and revisit them and the sequels are great, but that first time feeling, that's what wins for me.

chrissx1525d ago

Naughty dogs, gaming legends. All great games

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