The Daily Five: Potential First-Party Studios

"Earlier today, it was announced that Microsoft acquired Mojang for the princely sum of $2.5 billion. It’s certainly a great move for Mojang, but I can’t help but think, like many others, that this is 2002 acquisition of Rare all over again. Essentially, it reminds me of sports teams that sign veteran players and pay them based on their past performance, not necessarily thinking about how their best days might already be behind them." - Stealthy Box

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Jackhass1377d ago

I don't see GameFreak being bought happening any time soon, but stranger things have happened.

luis_spartano1376d ago

Poor Mojang. Microsoft doesn't know how to manage it's first party studios. I agree with the article: It's Rare acquisition all over again.

As of Sony.. I love the way they manage their studios. I don't see Quantic Dream as a viable first party studio(look, I love the studio and it's games). I talk about the value to both sides.

Ready at Dawn seems OK for a purchase.

DualWielding1376d ago

I really don't think Mojan's acquisition has much to do with the Xbox brand, I think with that amount the decision to buy Mojang has to come from the higher ups at Microsoft... Phil Spencer and his Xbox division are actually a small fish within Microsoft's structure

spacedelete1376d ago

i'm not sure how i feel about this deal. i'm glad MS got conned by paying 2 billion for a pixel game or that they would rather buy studios up. hopefully Notch gets a gambling addiction and wastes all his money. i hate indie devs like him and Phil Fish. they try to make one indie hit and then when they get enough money and success from that one game they quit.

MrSec841376d ago

For Sony Quantic Dream and Ready at Dawn seem like excellent talent to have inside of Sony.
Wild Sheep could be another potential 1st party studio, they have an awesome concept in WiLD and Michel Ancel knows how to create an awesome game.

If they haven't become a Sony 1st party then Housemarque would also be an excellent partner for Sony to have.
Maybe Q-Games could be another prospect, they have a good relationship with Sony.

Anyone that Sony brings on seems to have a lot of freedom, along with good internal support from the company as a whole.