IGN: The Greatest E3 Press Conference of All Time

The IGN Playstation Team writes:

"Take a look at the PSP release list right now, and it's basically like you're taking a personality test -- is the glass half full or half empty? There are tons of games on the list, but only about 35 have solid release dates. Of those 35, there's a lot of stuff that could just be watered-down versions of their console brethren.

Is original content drying up on the PSP?

The pessimistic answer is yes. Where are the game announcements? Why is Ready At Dawn sending back debug units? Why do we keep getting goofy applications such as Skype and Google on a gaming machine? The optimistic answer is, of course, no. E3's right around the corner, and hopefully, developers have been sitting on all sorts of nifty PSP titles and Sony will have a handful of PSP features that it'll be ready to announce.

However, we're sick of waiting to hear what's shaking on the portable at E3. Luckily, IGN PlayStation Team Associate Editor Ryan Clements has the ability to time travel, but sadly, he's not in the office today.

With Clements out, we're left to give you our E3. If we were in charge of Sony, this is the PSP-centric press conference the company would give. The chances of these announcements actually coming this year are slim and none, but if they did, the DS would actually have to worry about the little system that could."

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kingme713831d ago

In game music selection is their dream?

I'd just like to see new good games coming to it.

Tomdc3830d ago

I personally prefer PSP to DS as it is, no need to change anything!

What I would love them to do tho is slam a 30GB harddrive on the thing, make it a phone and camera as well. I bet that would make phil harrison cry!

Pornlord3831d ago

Awesome, I need to grab a PSP, I've been wanting to play Crystal Chronicles anyway. Now, just give us this type of performance with the PS3 and we are in business

kazuma3831d ago

erm, crystal chronicles is for the ds

thehitman3831d ago

That Nintendo and everything they make does not have competition I repeat does not have competition. I think these journalist are as bad as news reporters. They just spread fuel and propaganda and does nothing but cause hurt to the industry. I dont think there is even 1 game that is on both handhelds so how could they beat competing if som1 wants pokemon they get a DS if someone wants starwars they get a psp.

kazuma3831d ago

vib ribbon on the go = win