Notch is Just Done, Man. He's Done

MiddleEasy's Dave Walsh takes a look at Notch's decision to step away from the spotlight and to never build a big game again as simply a sad state of affairs for the gaming world, regardless of opinion on the 'big topics.' Maybe it's gone too far.

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Codewow1069d ago

I don't blame him. I don't think he realizes that whatever Microsoft does to Mojang and MineCraft specifically, he is gonna get a ton of sh*t for. He doesn't want the attention, but he won't ever not get the attention.

radler1068d ago

It's absolutely hilarious that he didn't even finish making Minecraft, and he's just taken $2.5 billion and run without a single complete project to his name. I mean it's bad because gamers are so easily duped, but it's also hilarious because it shows just how stupid this entire industry is. He definitely did the smart thing, I'd take the money and run too.

carreirabr1068d ago

Waiting for the brand new Minecraft flavored Doritos and Mountain Dew.

Alicornium1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

Doritos Dew it right.

AgentSmithPS41068d ago

Get your Minecraft Doritos cubes today! Now with guacamole flavored creepers! *no actual avocados were used in this product.

Kevlar0091068d ago

People identified Notch as Mojang when he really was doing his own thing as Minecraft went full version. People assumed he was at the helm making big decisions when really he wasn't. He was a part of the company but he wasn't THE company.

You can tell he's a game developer at heart and isn't content with one game. He's made his money and wants to do what he enjoys doing.

BallsEye1068d ago

2.5 billion. I'd sell minecraft for that too.

konnerbllb1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

Didn't he co-found Mojang? If so I don't see him getting 2.5 billion, that would be shared. That aside you can bet on MS doing a cash/stock deal where stock is the majority of the deal. I look forward to when more details like this emerge.

darthv721068d ago

i was playing minecraft as a kid many many years ago. the only difference was it was called legos back then and you really built something tangible.

SirDjss1068d ago

Correct, im with you on that

n4gusername1068d ago

Still better to play minecraft, than all the kids playing GTA5.

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The story is too old to be commented.