GamesBeat: Destiny is a blockbuster shooter that has everything … except a soul (review)

The anticipated online shooter from Activision and Bungie couples satisfying gunplay with paper-thin storytelling.

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Fireseed1554d ago

As much as I've been loving the games I agree with the whole no soul aspect. It just doesn't try anything extraordinary or even revolutionary. It's extremely well executed in a technical sense but the story is lackluster, not necessarily for concept but lack of any one identifying character or plot point.

Personally I don't mind the grind even though I would've liked a WEALTH of different type of missions to fill my time grinding rater than going to one particular spot and just kill as much as I possibly can. All-in-all Bungie had a great foundation but really failed to any one thing extraordinary with it.

Saelyn1554d ago

Agreed. I'm hoping it becomes better like FF14 did; hopefully in this time in which the game has already launched that the developers will give it one. I would love to visit more locales on Earth, I would love to visit Olympus Mons on Mars ( Just not arrived so not sure if it is there ).

Would also love to pilot through an asteroid belt or anything like that! I know this won't happen but it would be fun like a small mini-game of sorts. There is just so much that they could do to make Destiny stand out, but seems like they went a "safe" route with it. So here's hoping that in time and not just with expansions that there will be some updates. At least due to tomorrow's it seems like it will be a start.

4Sh0w1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Well I haven't played it yet and although I still think some of the criticism is overly harsh because of overblown expectations now it seems some of my friends who did buy it have similar criticism as many of the reviews I read so I guess I just didn't want to believe Bungie sort of missed a huge opportunity to keep the game fresh with varied missions and a better story. I'll still cut them a break because they were very ambitious with their first multiplat on so many platforms. They also attempted to really do things differently instead of a standard new shooter IP that simply mimicked Halo they did a hybrid shooter with rpg-mmo-style elements. -OK so they didn't completely nail every aspect but at least the gameplay is great and its still a good game based on all the feedback I've gotten. Bungie are great devs I'm sure they are considering the feedback and will make improvements.

Sharky2311554d ago

I've enjoyed the game as well. I think we're going to have to give this game some time. I feel that we've only seen the tip of the ice burg as far as the story goes. This game is going to unfold over the next ten years. Just wait till they get into the war between the traveler and the darkness. You know it's coming!

Fireseed1554d ago

I agree, I think in time it will flesh itself out in terms of content and story. But I can't help but shake this grimey feeling that at launch games like WoW, or Guild Wars had YEARS worth of content with smaller budget and smaller time frames.

joab7771554d ago

Give it time. It's an initial mmo launch.

darkronin2291554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Haven't played this, but the lack of a coherent story really bothers me. Why build this huge, beautiful world if they're not gonna reveal anything about it? Fighting and looting only holds my attention for so long -- at least Borderlands, which I get bored of playing by myself, has plenty of characters and personalities to work with.

kneon1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

I wouldn't call the story incoherent, it's not COD. But it is uninteresting.

My main issues are the repetitive game play and stupid AI. Almost every story mission follows pretty much the same formula. And the patrol missions are just as repetitive. And the enemies are incredibly dumb and have a very limited area of movement so you can almost always just back off to recover because they won't come after you.

I guess they have an incredibly short attention span and just forget you exist when they can't see you ;)

bneals1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

I have owned every Bungie game and I don't regret this purchase. That said, the game isn't as good as it could have been. I am still really not sure what I am supposed to be doing and I am halfway through the game. The guns are typical Bungie style (meaning great), but the battles seem repetitive. The style of the game deserves a 9 or 10, but the game itself is only a 6. I feel like some Sony fans are giving it a higher rating because of the exclusive content. I will say this - Destiny is NOT going to move consoles. A beautiful white PS4 might, but the game won't.

Einhert1554d ago

This game is nothing on Halo.

Most of the talent at Bungie probably moved over to 343.

gangsta_red1554d ago

Safe to say that a lot of people are just not impressed with this game. Maybe when the DLC starts to roll out this game will begin to look a lot more appealing.

It's a shame Sony wasted money hatting the timed exclusive content, advertisements and custom console bundle for this game.

I'm sure Destiny 2 will be a whole different beast.

BootyBandit1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

No it's safe to say the media is continually moving the goal post and not treating in games in the same genre evenly. AKA the media is severely lacking in consistency.

I love Destiny. I think it's excellent.
I am enjoying it more than BF4, GHOST or TF. Even though it has MMO elements its an FPS at it's core.

Where is the goal post for TF being bare bones with no real campaign. BF4 generic story and serious online issues. And GHOST arguably being the worst of the series. Yet all of those titles have a higher overall rating.

IMHO Destiny is more fun and more polished than all of those titles and I own and have played them all extensively. I own BF$ and GHOST on the X1, PS4 and PC. That's how real I'm being.

The media should join in. Right now the only thing I am seeing is the media ruining this industry.

Doesn't have a soul?
I mean seriously. What is the sould of BF4, GHOST or Titanfall. Venturebeat or anybody care to explain it to me? I'm all ears. This has gone from blatantly obvious to just plain silly now.

moomoo3191554d ago

Lacks a soul? It plays tight, looks amazing, is fun and diverse, rewarding and addicting. But wait, it lacks a soul 7/10.

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