What to do in Destiny once you hit level 20

GameZone: "As much as I fault Destiny for its extremely repetitious and grind-heavy end-game, there is no denying that the game truly does start once you hit the soft level cap of 20. Sure you stop earning XP toward your overall level, but it's at that point you start earning some truly powerful gear imbued with Light, which raises your level past the game's maximum. But there are actually completely new activities available to you once you hit level 18 and higher, some which the game doesn't do a great job at explaining. So with that foreword, here are things you should be focusing on when you're level 20."

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thorstein1374d ago

And this is the problems with reviews. Many of them completely ignored the core gameplay and focused only on the SP story, which ignores 3/4 of the Earth, 1/2 the moon and so much more.

I understand the opinion that this is not a 10/10 game, but rushing out reviews just to rush out the review is ridiculous. The GI piece is spot on because they took the time to really get a good feel of the game.

But despite the bad, mediocre, and great reviews is the hateboy tendency to claim that one review is better than another because of conspiracy theories that somehow the review is not acceptable and only certain sites are.

That is foolish.

Tru_Blu1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Get a few friends and the game is a blast. I'm up to level 25 and knocking on the door of vangaurd level 2.

Ace Killa 081374d ago

not even multiplayer also entertaining. A bit unbalanced, still fun.

I got a lvl 18 lock and 14 hunter and can't wait to start getting 20+ gear

jriquelme_paraguay1374d ago

its not unbalanced... you just sucks, or your team dont work.
If you play the PvP as a Lone Wolf, you gonna die... a lot.

Aceman181374d ago

Lvl25 warlock just at the door to 26, I'm trying to lvl up what legendary gear I have and get a complete set of the legendary.

I do have a question though, how in the hell do I build up my vanguard pts with the lead vanguards quicker because I'm lvl 1 and the bar is barely moving towards 2 lol?

Tru_Blu1374d ago

Strikes and bounties ace

LordMaim1374d ago

@Aceman18: Several ways
- Patrol missions
- Daily bounties
- Daily heroic strikes
- Weekly heroic strikes
- Daily story missions
- Turning in collectibles like spinmetal to the Vanguard Quartermaster
- Strike Playlists
- Raids
- Global Events

nX1374d ago

I just randomly got an exotic bounty, need to do a bunch of tasks to get an exotic weapon :)
This game really starts when you hit level 20.

BX811374d ago

So true. Im loving it.

Aceman181374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

@everyone above

I've been doing all y'all said but it seems like the vanguard bar isn't moving an inch haha.

It's like torture I tell you lol.

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Magicite1374d ago

In a good game You would never ask yourself: what to do when you reach endgame.

rebeljoe141374d ago

Too much work to deal with, gonna trade it in

Gohadouken1374d ago

To each their own , that being said ... shooting stuff in a shooter is a hassle now ?

Audiggity1374d ago

In mother Russia, shooters shoot you!

BlackTar1871374d ago

what a weird thing to say. Too Much stuff to do gonna trade it in.

6/10 for not enough content.

RAFFwaff1374d ago

Play Hyrule Warriors!!!

Xb1ps41374d ago

im 66 in diablo 3 ;) cant wait to start paragon!

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