PlayStation Store Preview – September 16, 2014: Anomaly Too

PSLS:This week, play some Anomaly 2, tell some lies with Fibbage, and look hideously adorable with Murasaki Baby.

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Wedge191372d ago

A pretty slow week after Destiny, most people cleared out shop for the week it seems.

Sly-Lupin1372d ago

Eh, maybe. I don't mind it so much as the Autumn Deluge has already begun, just not on Sony platforms. This week alone we have Curtain Call and Wasteland 2 and free Original Sin DLC. And then its a torrent of games everywhere until the end of the year: Hyrule Warriors, Fantasy Life, Smash Bros, Pillars of Eternity, Beyond Earth, Project Diva F2, Tales of HeaP4 Ultimax, rts R, At No surge, Bayonetta 2, Costume Quest 2, Shadow of Mordor, Harvest Moon, Dreamfall Chapters, Lords of the Fallen, Age of Wonders expansion, that one delayed RPG port whose name I forgot (the one that's a port of a Sega platform game, genesis !maybe?), plus new Shadowrun stuff, more Dragon Quest on Android and a host of other games I've probably forgotten.

dbjj120881372d ago

Murasaki Baby looks cool.

DjinnCrimsora1372d ago

The people that put this together apparently didn't get the memo that Natural Doctrine isn't coming out until the 30th...

Muzikguy1372d ago

Right! I just put that game on a birthday list for my girl. Looks fun!

RG_Dubz1372d ago

They also don't have the new free Killzone Map Pack that comes out this week listed either.

JohnApocalypse1372d ago

I'm very interested in how Murasaki Baby turns out. It looks took make good use of the Vita functionalities

HentaiMasterRace1372d ago

Murasaki Baby here I cum.......ahhhh!

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