Need for Speed Undercover Announced and First Details

Need for speed undercover arrives in 2009 and the atmosphere is very similar to the Transporter (Film).

No platform announced yet.

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Monteblanco3835d ago

"The Carrier", which film is that I can't locate at imdb? Is he talking about "The Transporter"?

ice_prophecy3835d ago

Good to see EA taking NFS back to what it became huge for. Street Racing. Not bloody Track racing... *remembers prostreet and shudders*

LastDance3835d ago

i wasnt a fan of the newer NFS....My favorite pursuit, high stakes and my all time favorite NFS was hot pursuit 2!!! i had so much fun in that mbs flying everywhere, cops crashing into you!!...

Fragking283835d ago

man if this is anything like prostreet u can count me out

donator3835d ago

Please have a cop mode. GTA and Carbon's cop mode was a real let down. Carbon was basically tag, but only let you be a cop for like a minute then it switches randomly.

MK_Red3835d ago

lol, it's not exactly the Wheelman, except without shooting and Vin Diesel.

Hercules3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

what anyone says..carbon was the sh!t! it had a good story imo...also i think it was the only one to have a story like that...anywho i hope this will be good, and how is this like the transporter? didnt jason straham kicked ass? plus his car was the best bmw..anywho i hope EA delivers on this, it seems like Madden will be good this year after two years of knock-offs...just hope EA brings in the BANG! and i hope they arent worried about T2

edit: platforms? im pretty sure its coming to the 306/ps3/ds/ps2/wii/psp thats about it
edit2: also if this goes on more than three platforms, this game will suck, unless they big it for the next-gen consoles separately and from ground up, but EA can get lazy at times

xplosneer3835d ago

Most Wanted was WAYYYY better than Carbon imo....the cops weren't stupid and there was more...WAY more to explore

jackhammer063835d ago

Thanks you EA for not Making Pro Street 2 a reality...that game still gives me the sucked BIG TIME!!....

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The story is too old to be commented.