Have a listen to the awesome FIFA 15 soundtrack

FIFA 15 is almost out and as any football fan I’m incredibly hyped for it. I was browsing around looking up FIFA 15 stuff and apparently the game’s soundtrack list has been released and it includes some awesome songs.

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Yi-Long1401d ago

It's 2014. Games like this should really support custom soundtracks by now, tbh.

Skate-AK1401d ago

Surly it would save them money not having to license the tracks also.

Metallox1401d ago

I thought that in previous FIFA games yu could do that...

1mgb1401d ago

What's the point for a soccer game?

SniperControl1401d ago

First thing i do when i get a fifa game, is turn off the god awful music, still better than the music on pes games though.

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jonatan2211401d ago

I'm really loving the soundtrack! It's way better than FIFA 14's in my opinion.

Yi-Long1401d ago

FIFA14 had a pretty mediocre soundtrack, I agree.

FIFA09 had a great one. 13 was good as well I believe.

Idree1401d ago

So true, i loved the Fifa 09 soundtrack :D

dreamed1401d ago

Awesome.....are you kidding me??..its feckin horrible,unless your a teenybopper who loves cheesy pop i suppose,my god every fifa game get the music turned off b4 any games are how opinions differ.