Ubisoft Explains Why There Will Be No French in Assassin's Creed Unity

Ubisoft Creative Director explains why no French will be present in 18th century Paris for Assassin's Creed Unity.

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trywizardo1550d ago

because they're lazy ...
there was Italian in AC2 , Indian in AC3 and British in AC4 , so why not french ?

pedrof931550d ago

There will be french in the game, just not french accent in the english mode. Makes sense, before they justified this by being caused by a bug in the animus.

AntoineDcoolette1549d ago

Sorry but I have to disagree vote that for calling native american languages 'indian' and .... well I don't know wtf you are referring to as 'British'

Gh05t1549d ago

Stop being an antagonistic, politically correct, holier than though, pretentious, pompous, jack hole

Many 'Native Americans' refer to themselves as Indians. (If you dont believe me check some of the US census data collection done on the topic).

FsterThnFTL1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Play in French with English Subtitles. Problem solved.

Aleithian1549d ago

I played AC2 in Italian. Really livens up the Ezio segments (though sounds strange in the modern segments.)

Sketchy_Galore1549d ago

They should give the option to have French in the Animus and English outside of it. That's how I'd play if it were possible.

uth111549d ago

Because, like female assassins, it was too complicated to add it?

skulz71549d ago

AC: Liberation

And tell me, what about Rockstar? I guess they find it too complicated as well seeing as every single one of their GTA games have not had a female lead as well (specifically GTA 5 in which 3 MAIN characters were all male)

I am not bashing on Rockstar here, I am just saying people should stop hating Ubisoft as lots of games do not have female leads.

sjaakiejj1549d ago

A game with customizable characters that doesn't allow you to create a female character is something very different from a game with a male or female lead.

The criticism isn't about the lead, but about the co-op characters that you can create yourself. How often have you played a game where you get to create a character but not pick its gender?

skulz71548d ago


See this is the problem. Lots of people, like yourself, don't understand AC Unity's co-op.

You do not CREATE a character. You are Arno, the single player character. Every single character is Arno on their screen as the game is about Arno and the quests he did for the assassin brotherhood. You customize your clothes, but you do not choose your gender as EVERYONE is Arno on their screen, just like everyone is Aiden on their screens on Watch Dogs, although this is a bit different as the single player and co-op aspect is combined into one experience, in order to produce a more co-ordinated story, with the main protagonist supposedly doing quests with the brotherhood.

Summons751549d ago

Because a french accent is the most annoying accent in the world?

AgentSmithPS41549d ago

I couldn't decide which button to push so I'll just say that I only like it if the right woman is speaking it, when men speak it it just sounds wrong, similar to seeing a man do a pirouette ;).

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The story is too old to be commented.