Destiny gets title update today, but what does it do?

GameZone: "You may have noticed when logging into Destiny today that a new update is available. Upon logging into the game on PSN or Xbox LIVE, you are prompted with the following message: Attention: A new Destiny update is available. Please exit Destiny and apply the update."

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mixolydian_id1378d ago

Could've just said that...

"Destiny's title update enables the first Raid" in the title

Mega241377d ago

If they do that, how would they get the clickz?

Fireseed1377d ago

You say that like it's a despicable thing.

wsoutlaw871377d ago

what? an update the day of the first raid? I wonder what it does

BlackWolf121377d ago

Bungie have now released a changelog.

Just very minor stability fixes.